Update of Daily Quest Rewards and Silver Crate

Firstly evening (dependant on time zone) and hope you’re keeping safe.

I’ve noticed previously (long time ago) the daily quest hero rewards have changed (currently Cinder) would change every now and again and hasn’t for a while. Is there any thoughts to changing her again? Maybe for Purifier :smile: . Ok maybe not him, but either hero? Also are there any plans to rotate heroes within the sooner crates.




First of all, i like your attitude, lovely! I don’t think changes to daily fragments will be soon, maybe in the future. And for rotation on crates, what exactly do you mean? Crates don’t change contents, only update.

There’s only been there since I’ve started on over 850+ days. Matador, surge, and cinder. It definitely needs to be changed


@tollboothkyle it has been replaced once form Salvatore to cinder in June of 2018 pretty sure


There been 3 since I’ve played like I stated above. Matador, surge, and cinder

There haven’t been changes to the Hero fragments in Hard Mode Campaign for months, and I think it’s because whenever there were changes, there was always someone who happened to be farming them or was really close to 10-starring them and would come in and express their frustration about a Hero’s removal. But I can’t blame them; I had a few cases like that too, but I didn’t get too worked up about it.

That, and I imagine other things such as implementing a new Hero are more important since it benefits everyone, including the Devs.

I believe the same thought process applies with whether they should change the Daily Quest Hero fragments. Even if they’ve been around way longer, if they do get changed, I can almost guarantee someone will come in saying “I was farming them” or “I was so close to 10-starring them”. Not that they can’t or shouldn’t, but how many times was there backlash, however small, regarding Hard Mode Campaign changes on each Update Notes post? And when changes were stopped, how many times was it brought up afterwards, and was it a negative response or just neutral?

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