Daily quests

It would be good to change the prizes of the daily activities of DAILY QUESTS fragments to other champions and some improvements will thank you for that

Excuse me … Maybe my words lack some details? I apologize for this but the picture shows the idea


If you change the frag rewards up a lot of people are going to lose heronium farms

It seems like they do try to do away with Heronium farms. If I recall right, they said that is part of the reason they changed up the way the stores were handled. PVP use to have 10 heros, that never changed. Then they changed it that all 10 heroes change every month, and now they only keep 2 the same.
Also, they only kept Salvatore as the 13/13 daily quest prize for about 9 months. Cinder has been there way longer. If nothing else, I would like to see them put someone else there, and I have Cinder at 10*. Hopefully a chance to build another hero that I may not have focused on previously.


I agree. I’d like to see some sort of randomizer or something for some of these things.

Cinder & MATADOR & MAVEN & SURGE These heroes have been in DAILY QUESTS for a very long period of time ?
Replace them with different heroes

Change is important in everyday life You must change the boring routine of your life will be better! Whenever there is renewal

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I still get hero that are 10* in my pvp store. Like it better this way. More variety

I think they should change the daily videos for stamina to 10 a day, get 10 stamina for the first 5 and 20 for the 6th - 10th video. Sometimes it closes after the first watch so u dont get the 2nd video for 20 stamina, this way its guaranteed that u get all the free videos. It doesnt add or take any stamina away 150 stamina this way as well

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I’ll go through heronium withdrawals if they change Cinder, Matador, Maven, AND Surge all at once. Ease me through the process at least. :flushed:

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