Freedom of speech chat channel

Hi everyone,

Today, Greezy shared his honest feeling and how he can’t chat with others for being banned for his words. Like him, there are some players who are banned from others chat channels in the game for their language.

I suggest if we can have a new chat channel called freedom of speech where players can share their thoughts, chat and use any language they want to. Anyone can chat and can say anything they want like a VIP chat channel, but no one gets banned.

With this chat channel, everyone is free to say something and not worry to be punished. Banned players can have a place to share their thoughts and anyone else who is okay with others opinion. If someone is not okay with others he/she can use other chat channels or block the player only for herself/himself.

This would be very helpful for anyone to be able to express freely without worrying to get in trouble.


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Just an opinion…but
…that would be chaos…absolute chaos…


Adding a “Banned chat” would kill the cause of the ban.


LOL. If this will be approved? How awesome will be the fiery mushrooms rising.

But, no. BAD IDEA. Explosions is a bad idea for a chat. :sweat_smile:


Yeah…Can you also see MK.2 nuke coming?

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yeah. it’s like, an army of Mk2 fighting each other with nukes. LOL together with salvatore. hahahaha

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You said it for a good cause but, u know… Not everyone can use all resource sensibly or properly (including everyone/us).
If we/they(those who got banned) were smart/sensible enough then,why this ban even needed?
As brave said… Really, it’d be just chaos!

I remember,i was also in quarantine for some days due to some reasons.

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First of all you do know freedom of speech has limits right? It’s not just that you can say whatever You want and get away with it, it’s the ability to express your thoughts ** WITHOUT HARMING OTHERS**.

A Channel like that with no rules will not only hurt new players, but also affect the game’s reputation.

I feel bad for those who got chat banned, but they need to take responsibility with their words (try to think about others and how it will affect people in different cultures)before they Hit send. :slight_smile:


Sorry, but no. This is not a thing that is going to happen. If you knew what some people have been banned for, I don’t think you would be so quick to suggest that we take development time to make them feel welcome. And if you didn’t have a problem with the things they did, I would honestly wonder if you belonged in this community at all.

You do have freedom of speech. We also have the right to not listen to it. Your right to speak doesn’t entitle you to anyone’s time. If you want to walk around on the street and yell at people, you absolutely can, but there are consequences, just as you can say what you really want in game, but there will be consequences. This mainly applies to overly sexual, hateful, violent, aggressive, and hurtful behavior. That’s the kind of thing we don’t tolerate.

If you really want a place you can speak where nobody can shut you up, Discord allows you to create a space for like-minded people. Feel free to explore it. Or say hateful things in your own home. Nobody can stop you there. Otherwise, prepare for rules wherever you go in life.


You are right guys, I only thought of one side of it. I am not in favor of it anymore.


“freedom of speech” doesn’t mean you are free of the consequences. There are rules in place for a reason.

VIP can be toxic of a channel. But to have it so there are no consequences is just bad.

Ban evasion is bad.

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This is a public game created by a private company. Freedom of speech means nothing. They have the right to censor or ban your account for any reason they choose. (I’m surprised I haven’t banned lol). But if you want to make a private channel can always make your own discord channel and problem solved. But they would never make a channel like that. Vip is to a point like that but you gotta know your limits not to go to far


They’ve rights to ban & censor for any reason they choose… I know i know what ya mean lol!!!

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I strongly disagree, i could name a thousand reasons and here’s one. Total chaos

Let’s save ur time & tell me only 10 good reasons… No need to go for 1000…:slightly_smiling_face:
I hope i’ll get enlighten u:)


That’s called 4chan Rick, there is no way above, on, or below earth that’s going to produce anything beneficial to the game.

Probably best to lock this thread.

I will say as a person that has been on both sides. I beleive some of the people get banned for some really childish reasons. Meanwhile people have racist names in game name and offensive in game names such as Chuck your moms favorite toy, p***y hunter, blackface and its just ignored. Then you have someone that gets banned for saying that you can’t say anything without offending someone. Its on one hand funny but on the other hand very sad. I woud like to see some consistency.