Chat Options - Clarification please?


I’m embarrassed to even ask but I’m going for it anyway… Under “Chat Options” there are 3 types to choose from. Can someone give me an explanation about what each of these do and the differences between them:

  • Chat Previews
  • Toasts
  • Chat Pips

Chat Pips I’m assuming are the red dots next to each type of chat room after a new message has arrived?

Do you have to clear cache then restart the game after changing these settings? I ask because after I change them I can’t tell what the difference is.

Changes are immediate - restart shouldn’t be required.


You are the man @Papa_Marsh!

Thanks for the screenshot!

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This is amazing Papa Marsh, thank you so much. I’ve always been wondering myself!

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Thanks Papa Marsh! so useful to the community

I have all mine turned off and still vip pip wont go nowhere lol

Have the same issue. Reported it to support a while ago and they didn’t have a solution for it at hand, but ensured that they forwarded it to the development team. Seems like only a few are affected, and it probably isn’t the most critical thing to get sorted either, only being a minor nuisance. But hopefully it’ll be fixed at some point.

Yeah that’s the case for me too. Try leaving that one toggled ON; it hides them for me.

…my vip chat pip can’t be turn off neither. :disappointed:
… I cannot comprehend why dev try to dodge this one.