Pips in my chat

A: the age of my account is irrelevant, as is your more “educated” opinion. Insulting me doesnt change that fact, nor does flagging me validate you.
B: if you count red dots covering your screen that are impossible to remove, then yes, the notification system for chat IS still broken, seeing as how no matter how many times I respond, those notification dots dont go away. I appreciate your ignorance.
C: May 2019 Update Notes (COMING SOON)
Not sure if I properly pasted all the responses in the thread DIRECTLY RELATED to the update, and the subject. Since you cant seem to figure out my point, I’ll express it to you as simply as I can; the devs have been making mistakes lately, and rather than fix said mistakes, I implied that they made a hollow promise of opportunity meant to distract most users from the fact that they have in fact, fixed NOTHING.
If you can’t understand my point, o lord of the forums, then I have nothing left to say to you other than this: your ignorance and contempt mean nothing.


Go to your player menu. Then to chat options and turn on the chat pips. It will no longer spawn red dots when new messages come in.at least that’s how you turn it off for VIP. Play around in settings.

my vip chat is constantly pipped. No matter what I do.

Edit: even though I was responding to Belliam’s post in which they said to go to the menu options for chat. This was flagged for being off-topic. If my response is off-topic, then the post in which I was replying to would also be off-topic. That is my argument for getting this unflagged.


I can confirm that even I turn off ALL (literally EVERYtHING) thing in chat options. VIP red dot is being revived by hidden flatline n ifrit in endless loop! (Android not IOS)
No. B.S.

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iOS does the same. I have all off and they still show up

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