Chat issues!

What is going on with this game, so many issues recently… the latest one is chat rooms. Second day I’m not able to communicate most of the time. My internet works, I can play pvp, patrols…


There was a planned outage of the servers the other day, that’s when all servers were down and the game would not connect. There is a known issue currently with their chats and I assure you from what I’ve heard the devs are working their hardest to solve it to the best of their ability, working remotely does also make things more difficult sometimes.

I know it’s frustrating and I hate it too, trying to run a community PvP event and the servers and chats keep breaking make it a pain, but hopefully soon it will be fixed up and back to normal :smile:


Chat system in this game was fine before AW. Now with all the extra communication for war and other glitches its become a disadvantage. Even if they fix the glitches and i hope they do the chat system in this game will still be lacking.
There is a limit to how much you can post in a certain amount of time. Why is this limited? Sometimes im sending messages and its taking way too long because of the post limit. Thats another disadvantage when trying to bring players on the map through PM.
I can go on and on with what the chat system needs. The glitches being fixed will be a good start and will help us navigate war better. Please fix this asap. We have been dealing with this for way to long. Lol


This game has become riddle with glitches… Especially when WAR are in session