Chat system is broken

After update if you not online and someone write to you – when you open game again all what you get is red dot notification. Text is missing. During Alliances War is catastrophic.


Yeah…that’s completely true

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It seems like every time we get a nice big update like this, we also get catastrophic server failure as well.
Every time i leave game i have to manually reset the app upon startup, otherwise i see no new messages in my chats. Not even red dots for me.
I really appreciate the fact that youre continually striving to try and improve the gameplay experience here, but for the love of god can you please stop letting it come at the cost of communication.
You have a game that revolves very heavily around coordinating with 24 other players. Please please PLEASE put your chat server issues at the top of your priorities and leave them there forever

Ps, speaking of inconveniences: the piggy bank popup was annoying enough, now we have even bigger and more obnoxious pop ups about these doubles. Like, I get it, cool addition, I like it, but be damned if I’m spending 149 gold literally every time I do a mission.

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This has been going on well before the update. I’ve been in talks with support for almost a week about it and still no solution

Same issue and its deff messing up my plans. How am i supposed to communicate this way? Lol

We’ve got a lot of support issues created about this, we’re working on a solution. It is an issue impacting multiple games here. It’s a high priority.

It’s too annoying also

Before june update my game was running smoothly now after the update is nothing but messed up…chats are broken cant trade with anyone bc they aint getting my messages.

Connections is way worse i start pvp shows founding opponent and keeps showing till i have to switch between game and another app to get further and keeps glitching out during loading making it impossible to play and no its not on my end bc i tested both on data and wifi and getting same results

For me there has only been an issue when trying to initiate a chat with someone new… although possibly even with teammates, as we communicate both personally and in team forums…

Sometime over the weekend, my personal chat history was cleared. Fortunately team chats were not affected.

So Huggins, assuming that your response was recorded on Friday, and no one is working on these things on Saturdays or Sundays, is there any progress on this issue??