Cheaters in the game

What are the developers Gonna do About the cheaters… I’m playing this game for over 1,5 year fulltime and now Some Guy’s Did catch up in 2 months… impossible!!!

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@Nick_Blom. We have patched the exploits we were aware of so it will be more difficult for cheaters to get a foothold. On that note, I can tell you we are evaluating our options for those who we can confirm have exploited or cheated in other ways.

Cheaters wont go unpunished.


“1,5 year fulltime” SO UNFAIR :wink:

I play since 2 march (11days) allready level 47 with 3-4 heroes at 10 star and gold. It’s not called cheat its called money (something like 3300/3600€) / and play lot of times in my journey (7-9hours) so if i can do this other player can too


There has been documented cheating in the game, people admitting to using the offline timehack and the devs have communicated that they in fact have detected it. Some iOS devs that I know have told me that it’d be trivial to figure out who has done suspicious activities

This is a concern to top alliance players, and hope that it gets addressed soon.


“1,5 year fulltime "
Actually this is not fair, I started to play when the game was released in Google play, about 1 month ago, and I see that some guys are playing for more than 1 year! How are we supposed to beat them in PVP for example? Of course they are at the top. I think we all needed to start from zero when the game was released.


@Arkel We are exploring options that would make address this feedback. We don’t have anything solidified yet, but it’s come up internally a number of times.

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There are a lot players that used offline daily task bug (unlimited gold via tasks, unlimited energy, unlimited hero fragments from hard locations). Now after update it is obvious - they have vip0-3, playing 1 month… and they have 8-10 stars bek, 8-10 salvatore, even 8-10 stars heim, moss, etc… really funny, because I’m almost vip14 and I don’t have any 10 stars yet playing 1 month daily.


Yeah this update really does expose those who used the tasks hacks. I’m sure the hammer will be dropped very soon.

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Something needs to be done soon. This is just ridiculous that the devs have not banned or rolled their accounts back. It’s clear who has done the glitch or hack however you want to call it. It needs to be addressed.


Yes, there was a time hack, when player moved backward or forward and got free energy and gold. Developers must know about that. That’s unfair game and it brakes the gave politics and agreement . Bag users must be punished . I got vip 10, play daily , and don’t have all chest heroes, as some vip 2 have


Saw a guy with 38 days game play time , VIP3 , already like 5-10 hero with 10 starts ? please tell me this is normal ? this guys is in top pvp event list , easy to find


@Daniel_Yang Yeah, I’ve seen multiple people like this… as someone who plays EVERY DAY, and quite often throughout the days, I don’t see how this is at all possible… I’m VIP8, and have played for longer (~40 days) than some of these people that have played for less time (~38 days) who have multiple 10* heroes… it’s insane… the “time hack” is common in multiple games and I’m sure has been used by these people. Hopefully the devs can figure out a way to catch these cheaters, because it’s not really fair for the rest of the community that plays by the rules…


Check TOP 9 players preced pvp event… allready 55 ; VIP 3 ; 40days of game ; any way to report player ? I dont think i’ts fixe if he reach 55 faster like that… do something for respect of fair & buyer player

Well, with “Team Level” it would be possible for a non-cheater to be at 55 due to continuous play.

What the blatantly big giveaway of a cheater would be: VIP 3, with only 40 days in the game, and have 5 or more characters at Rank 10 Gold +4.

That’s the biggest red flag right there.

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I agree there’s a lot of nefarious activity going on in the game .But I do have to say it’s possible to climb VIP very quickly without cheating… By opening your wallet… 1 Mega Gold Drop, one piggy bank, and one minor Gold Drop took me to VIP nine, and another small Gold drop to VIP 10, by which time I was completely broke… hahaha…
How you get to Gold 3 with 8 and 10 star Heroes so quickly, though I’m not too sure and I think that there is definitely cheating going on.
I have been playing for 63 days and I have about,30 Heroes my strength is around 80000 .I’m currently level 52 .I put quite a lot of time in, but it’s hard going trying to catch up with top alliances .Who have ,l feel ,too many advantages and a disproportionate amount of reward available .After all once you’ve reached a certain strength you can just Blitz everything, and keep getting more and more rewards, to keep building yourself up. I understand it’s part of the game but it discourages those who are starting out, or have medium level alliances and strength.


Yeah, this is an important point, beta’s have a lot of advantage and their advantage just keeps increasing cause they are always the ones getting the best rewards event after event, while we have to fight for the little prizes.

Imo if you want to reward the best player independent of p2w, f2p, beta or whatever, u should make tiers like weights in boxing, 65kg, 80kg, 100kg, whatever. In this case it should be ~50k team power, ~100k, ~150k, ~200k, and it goes on. So u’ll be able to race against the same car, not putting ur 100hp chevy against a 800hp 808 or 941.

Another option is to make a mode where u can choose any 5 heroes from all and they come all gold//// full abilities and then see who’s the best player, like giving the same f1 car to all the drivers to see who’s the real best driver.

PS: To the devs: thanks for the game, I play and enjoy it a lot, and hope it can keep expanding and making it balanced between old players/new, p2w/f2p

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If this was the case, then what would be the point in getting a higher team power?
There are already 3 brackets for different team levels, and people are matched according to team powers.

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  1. The point here is fighting against same level, each tier can have better rewards (and people will eventually build up their teams and raise team power with time, I myself don’t want to be 100k forever lol), but at least a 100k power 1 month player won’t have to compete against 100 beta 250k+ power players for the #1 - #25 best rewards in the 42-59.

  2. 3 brackets for different team levels? Really? U can reach lvl 42 in a week but you can’t reach 200k power unless throwing $2000 maybe and that puts you to fight in the same tier against you and all the other 808 941 (no hate towards, just pointing out).

  3. People are matched according to team powers, but the competition is between everybody and the total points they get, while u are fighting at ~40k and winning 80k per match while having 40 heroes at 10 stars, we are competing against u in the same rank fighting at ~20k matches, winning ~40k per match having 15-20 good heroes that are 6* at most, if I can get 5 million points in 1 reset, u can easily get 20,000,000. 4x more

You guys can fight among yourselves there in your god tier level, but let us have our own newbie tier above lvl 41, only that.

Have a tier for Beta players and a tier for Newcomers would also be good :slight_smile:

A good chunk of my power is vested in heroes you would not see me field at all in PvP. I would say it’s 25% fluff, heroes I never use, but in bounties.

Reaser from [QTM] just literally got first place in the Top Tier PVP event with sub-130k Power and 48 days played, and has gotten Top 10 finishes in the past couple as well with around 100k.

There are so many others like Pantsoff, or Etern4lfl4me in particular with 100k power at the time that has gotten a 14th finish in the last event. Sure, I will agree that the playing field is uneven now, but it is evening out quick.

Believe me when I say that you have it easy getting your power up, it took much longer in Beta to get to where you are now in a month, and now with the recent change of two full resets and two revive resets, it’s a lot easier to get back in the competition fully.


Well said, Tuna. I’m a new player and I have not found that the beta players are beating the shit out of me in events.

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