Cheating in the Game?

I have a question, maybe one or the other (Dev) can help me. I myself have 2 accounts, but these run on one and the same Facebook account, so I can not play against myself (e.g. Koop). But if a player has multiple game accounts and several Facebook accounts, we’re talking about cheating, right?

I hope all employees of HH take a few days time to just check that time. (IP comparison) I’m sure you will find a lot of people …

thank you for reading

Sounds like a lot of hussle instead of just finding a buddy to trade co-op raids with!

I don’t know a lot about IP and that stuff, so I may be talking nonsense here.

But if I play the game with my flatmate, we would have the same IP, right? Also, people on the same family may use each other devices. My brother and I have used our accounts in the same tablet.

And I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t count as cheating in any way.

It is not cheating, it is making use/misuse of the game mechanics. I know many who have two accounts.