Unable to retrieve two of my accounts,

Dear dev, please what is going on, my alliance have been lacking behind in things like war, and I and someone else in our alliance took the pain of building new accounts, since we don’t have multiple phones, we have to be switching between accounts, but personally I linked all my accounts to three different emails, yet I can’t retrieve the others, 5today, what is going on… and I have thrown in Lots of cash

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The developers can’t support you if you have multiple accounts, I always suggest syncing to Facebook to be safe with all your accounts. If you can’t log in and access them then they’re gone for good

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That’s a question that can’t be answered here on the Forum. Go to Support! :wink:

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Is that to say the email service is invalid, please then why put it there then…
I can’t put in resources and all I get is, I should have linked Facebook, would you prefer I go open a Facebook account that will never be active, just because I intend linking my game…
So all the resources are nothing, then with all due respect if dev can’t help its gamers sort out things, then we find another game…
No insult or disrespect meant

It’s your choice, but it’s not fair of you to pin the blame on others. Have you spoken to Support? Because this is an issue for Support, not the forums, since they can’t look at your account from here. Go to your in-game profile, click Support, then click FAQ and see if there’s nothing there that helps you. If not, click Contact Us and tell them about your issue. They also have an email: support@hotheadgames.com (by the way, don’t send them an email if you’ve already sent them a message through the Contact Us button. Also, don’t spam them or claim they aren’t helping if you haven’t waited for however long they said you should wait).

Connecting to Facebook is the best way to secure your account. I have a Facebook account and all I use it for is to sync it to a few games.


Ok, thanks I will check, I may be mistaking both places, support and forums, forgive me please