(To devs/Experienced Players)Multiple accounts?

Hello all…I just joined the forums.
In my first post, I would like to know- Is multiple accounts with different Google Play Ids on the same device is allowed.
I am adding a screenshot showing my present and old account (with defferent ids).
Please Clarify this.

If the game allows you to swap between accounts with a simple tap, I guess it’s a valid thing to do.

I doubt they can ban you for that because you could just be using the same device that your kid/wife/sibling/etc

Thats why i want to listen from the devs about whether i would be banned or not.
They should clear this ambiguity.

I’m sure people have abused this in the past by creating a new account, just to Smurf. Which is rather lame tbh

This is a built in feature of Hero Hunters. You wont be penalized for use it.


Is it mean i can swap between my both accounts (with different ids) without any fear of being BANNED ?
(And Thanks for the reply.)

Read, understand, be a happy gamer.

Yeh, thats what “you wont be penalized” usually means

I am slow learner. Also blame to my poor english.


Is there a way to add my son’s profile to mine?
Both of us are connected to the Facebook.

No, there is no way to link accounts or swap them between linked Facebook profiles. Sorry! This would allow for account selling/trading, which is against our Terms of Use.