Boosting: Considered Grinding or Cheating?

Okay Let’s say I create 100 accounts get them all to level 25. Then I send the co-op requests to my main account via second device. Now I start colexcting. Dojo frags 100 a day. As I log into the accounts on a daily basis. They all become level 35. 200 frags a day. 45 300 frags a day. 55 400 frags a day. By this time my dojo hero is maxed. Now I believe once my hero is maxed I start accumulating energy frags to use on “any” energy hero. Now I take it a step further. Once I’m maxed I start using my multiple accounts to max other players. Yes this takes a lot of time. But those who are on disability or what not all they have is “time” Now if this is a fair practice. Fine. So be it. Everyone will now know me as “Booster Bob” If it’s not Considered fair. It needs to be stopped! The only solution would be to limit players co- op invites to alliance only. And once you leave an alliance you can’t join another for a 24 hour period. This will limit all attempts to boost accounts on your game. Now I want you to picture eating a slice of pizza. Now I want you to picture me taking it out of your mouth. That’s what I will be doing to you on a daily basis if this doesn’t get stopped. My alliance will stop paying for crates. Eventually once I get good enough at it I will have multiple alliances and they will stop paying for crates. See where this is going? This is what you will be allowing if this is deemed a fair practice.

There are people with so much free time? Why would someone have multiple accounts just for a few fragments? And more importantly, why would you punish honest players that help others (Ive been helped a lot with Dojo 45 by strong players and Im sure they also helped others. This change you propose could mean someone not getting the help they need because pro players already helped all they could that day) because of someone decided to exploit a feature?

I can sit here and give names and alliances that are practicing this trade but I’m not that guy. 100 accounts is a bit exaggerated but if 30 guys make 3 alts then they share co op raids between eachother they would have a maxed dojo hero in a couple days… Now once I accomplish this I start advertising for co-op carry. Now Everytime I accept someone’s invite from another alliance I am slowing their growth rate by 50% by not advising them to get help from one of their officers. Now all I’m doing is hurting other alliances by limiting their growth. So please tell me how you are actually helping someone when you are slowing them down. It’s not a fair practice. It manipulates the growth of the game and the lining of the developers pocket.

Mmmm… well, if nobody in your alliance can clear the latest dojo you unlocked, and you get help from outside, that decision is on you. Its not the other’s player fault. He isn’t doing anything unfair. He is just a stronger player helping someone weaker. Mostly because there is a reward, but you know.

I don’t think the current system is unfair (as long as someone doesn’t exploit it, like you just said). Stronger players helping weaker players is a common practice in pretty much every online game. And you are not “hurting” anybody for helping them, in my opinion.

My point is, antagonizing exploiters is okay. Trying to paint someone as the bad guy just because they get more invites than you is plain childish. Most low level alliances are just a gather place for people to level up and get stronger until they can find an actual alliance, so they don’t care about “helping their alliance grow stronger”. And most players from high level alliances will just help each other. I fail to see the problem in that, to be honest.

First off. I don’t carry people. I could.careless. I have accomplished more in this game in 2 months than most betas did all year. Your reply is off topic. All I want to know if it is fair or not. Alpha/ beta players created multiple accounts and are using those accounts to boost people out of pure “boredom” they are maxed and have nothing else to do. Your replies seem more like a cover up because I think you know exactly who I am referring to. As soon as a developer says this is fine by their standards. I will start boosting accounts just like the bored alpha/beta players. I don’t care who gets mad I exposed this pathetic way of achieving great things that should be earned in this game.

My replies seem like a cover up because I don’t think like you? My bad, I forgot we all have to agree on the internet or either we are guilty :smiley:

If they want to manage 2 accounts and run themselves though coop that’s all fine and dandy imo.

If they want to fill their alliance will alt accounts and strive to get top 100 all by themselves, all the power to them. It’ll be lonely but hey, that’ll certainly be a enjoyable way to spend a weekend!

It might not be technically “cheating” but it certainly is the poster definition of exploitative and a really of shitty way to enjoy the game. If they end up getting banned for it, I literally will not lose a wink of sleep.

However, if anyone attempting to exploit the game ends up forcing the devs to make find partners in coop raids tedious/harder/expensive for everyone else because a few bad eggs couldn’t help themselves that’s where I get upset.

So how about don’t do that?

Also, pretty sure this counts as ‘witch hunting’ which is kind of against the forum rules. inb4 thread lockdown.

Since there are no names, I don’t think it can be tagged as witch hunting.

I mean, he has a point. Exploiting this shouldn’t be a thing. But punishing honest players because of exploiters is the wrong way to go. It’s just like what happened to Mandrake. People were exploiting his silver skill, going invisible for the whole match, and they nerfed everything but that infinite invisibility. Now Mandrake has seen his PvE power greatly reduced because people exploited him in PvP.

This could make the problem bigger to be honest, if you limit the raids to alliance only the value of hero fragments and fuel cells will increase by a lot because no one in your alliance will give you their runs for free, they will want to trade them so that limit you for 8 daily fragments and around 15 silver fuel cells unless your alliance need help with their dojo and gorgon , now if you watch this from an economic point the demand of those materials that can not be obtain outside of an alliance will be higher and could cause that people create more alts and form an alliance with them just to farm also some people could start selling those alliance full of Alts daily raids for real money in the worst of cases (So instead of solving th issue it could have the contrary effect)

I get the concern you guys all have, and I can understand some of the ways people could exploit with multiple accounts, but there’s a few things I don’t. As far as I know, the only way you can create more than one account is having the access to another device and linking the two. For someone to create 3+ accounts they would need to have a device for each of them. Also, they would need to invest the effort and time into leveling these accounts, getting heros, and doing everything you normally do while playing to get it up to par with your “main” account. For me, it took a little under a month I believe to get to 50 when the game first released, and that is with spending money. I couldn’t see someone doing it any faster then that with more than one account, and maintaining there main account.

Along with that last point, the person would need to level up to 55 currently to unlock all the raids, which even with pumping a ton of money into the game would still take time to do. I highly doubt that if someone is willing to make 3 accounts and get them all to vip 10 just to be able to get extra fuel cells and shards would be a good enough reason for the devs to put a lock or even change a thing. And for heros, I hardly have enough time to do pvp with all my heros before reset, how would someone have time to do that on 3 separate accounts? People may not have the same philosophy, but in my opinion, if someone is going to that great of lengths to create multiple accounts and put the effort and time into making them all top tier accounts they can reap the rewards. An extras 8 shards would be the same as getting 2 people from vip to play with you, except that probably requires a lot less effort and time to do.

Bottom line, I just think there is way to many factors that make this ineffeicient for anyone to exploit. The reward is not worth the time and effort it takes to get it.

Edit: I also believe a bunch of other games have the same sort of system of multiple account, and they inherently have the same time and effort issues to make them viable

You dont need a second device. You just need multiple google accounts, and you can just rotate accounts. I use sometimes my brother’s tablet to play this game (my phone crashes when there is a surge, savage, galante or halloway, so I play mech raids on his tablet, because of surge) and we just swap accounts by pressing one button.

. I can add way more. Just waiting on a developer verdict.

Ah didn’t know that, thought you needed another device…still, wouldn’t you need to have another one to even be able to play co-op raids with your alt?

Yes you would need a second device to send raids to yourself. But like you said it could be more of a hassle. Would just be easier to give the extra co op invites to someone else and earn their invites in return. My only problem is that this “practice” has just started. It’s not full blown yet but it’s very close to being a huge problem. HHG always says they want fairness. To the new and old players. But HHG should have had the alpha and beta agree to not use a alternate account in order to keep theirs. We live and we learn. This is a fairly new company and they go thru great strengths to find out what the consumer wants. This is by far the best company I have ever supported. When you care as much as they do. Nothing is going to stand in their way. We can talk about how not fair this is. But fairness is what I seek. If I have to fight fire with fire I will. If they reset their accounts prior to global release. Fairness would never be a issue and this thread may have never been started. I appreciate everything alphas and betas did to help this company become what it is and this game to be such a great game. But if you want to “carry” people. Create your own alliance. Each game evolves. Hero Hunters is at a stage where no one needs anyone’s help anymore. If you want the hero. Buy the product. But co-op invites need to be alliance only. I’m not totally against hopping into a sister alliance to help carry your other family members by any means. That’s just part of leading and educating your members.

I’m still a little confused as to what the problem is though. Your saying that it would be easier for the player to just give his co-op plays from their second account to someone else? So it would basically be just like any other account with no benefit to the users main account, it would just be like having two separate players. And even if you put them both in the same alliance, I feel like it would be detrimental to everyone else because you can only be on one account at a time (with only one device of course). As alliances are structured right now, it would be a better option to go with two very strong separate players then a person who has one strong account and a developing account they occasionally play on.

Also, you say you are seeking fairness in a game designed to be competitive. If everything was to be “fair” on this game there would be no point in playing. The top alliances are mostly players that came at launch that now understand the game and know how to do well. There is still some beta players left, but there is an ever increasing amount of people that are becoming just as strong as them. I think the game has been very fair, considering they kept platinum skills from us until almost 4 months after release to give everyone new a chance to catch up.
Lastly, I really don’t get your logic on people asking to help with co-op, the whole point of people saying they could carry was to give people options instead of trying to auto match with someone. It can be a pain for people to actually find someone they can do on of the co-ops with when you are still leveling up and a lot have turned to people in chat they know are strong to help them. You are basically saying let’s get rid of this aspect of the game. Want the new dojo hero? Wait for a crate and spend real money on it or find an alliance that will take you and your low power in. There’s so many problems that would come with having invites be only for alliance members and the social aspect of the game take a huge hit.Where’s the fairness if only the top alliances can do the hardest co-ops because you can only do them in your alliance? How would anyone ever get the hero quickly when they are limited to only 29 other people you can possibly do the co-op with?

You talk about wanting fairness but all you are doing is saying the people who have played longer don’t deserve to be stronger, oh and by the way, you guys that are just starting out, no more help for you, go spend some gold if you want to be as strong as me. I’m sure that’s not how you feel, because they are getting new players every day that don’t know how to play this game, and this game really requires you to play for a lengthy time before it starts to become really fun. Why not try to promote these guys and give them the resources to help them see how fun this game can be rather than alienate them all together and make it even more challenging for them to do well.


So let’s get rid of the auto match then. More raids for everyone. More social activity. All I want to know is if I make 50 accounts. Level them up to raid potential. And share them everyday with my alliance. Would I be considered a grinder or a cheat? My position as a leader is to grow my alliance not myself. But here let’s shed some logic. You have two glasses. Two faucets. One faucet drips at 50 drips per second. The other ar 25 drips per second. These glasses never fill up they just expand and get taller. Now the only way to get the 25 drip faucet to speed up is by spending money. Now I spend months of spending money to try and get that second faucet to catch up to the first faucet. (The 50 drip faucet) then I finally realize i just wasted my time and my money trying to get that second faucet to drip at the same rate. Because unless I spend a crazy amount of money. It will never catch up. This is where I quit. So why is the second faucet dripping at 25 drips? It’s because the first faucet is not telling the second faucet it can drip at the exact same rate. Instead the first faucet makes them spend money. The conclusion: Everytime you take a raid from someone you keep him from ever catching up. And eventually he will realize he can’t catch up and quit… Instead of saying “Hey, you can grow just as fast as us by sharing it with an alliance member of yours”

Man, you dont “take from” them, they ask for your help. You are making a problem out of nowhere. Nobody is forced by top players to pay them tribute with their coop raids. People do it or not by choice. I help my brother with his raids because he cant do dojo 35 with random players neither with anyone from his alliance. With your “solution” he would be forced to play dojo 25. He ends winning 1 fragment instead of 2. Even if he invites someone from his guild and gets the invite back, he would still get only 2 fragments. Same profit. So… Your “solution” is not helping new players, it just hurt stronger players.

Now, answering your question, creating 50 accounts is neither cheating nor grinding, is just having no life. Also you should read Terms of Use if you are so curious. There is nothing written about multiple accounts, so yeh, technically you can create 50 accounts and send yourself dojos, and they shouldnt be able to ban you (not at least without a proper previous warning and change to their Terms of Use)


It’s quite simple in my opinion @Rome.

They allow you to have multiple accounts on one device and several devices may use the same account(I assume different sessions and not one account on multiple devices login in simultaneously).

#1 The feature doesn’t block you from doing that.
#2 I have yet to read terms and conditions or anything else that states that what you are suggesting is cheating.

Considering that it’s safe to say that you are free to try and use that method and by some miracle not waste more time than you are investing.

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