Cinder skin

What about cinder skin? I think everyone wants it right?


Yes, she deserves his legendary distinctive skin


Olde Timey Cinder



My personal favorite. “The Invisible Cinder”

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Nice photoshop, but Godlante should recieve a legendary while Cinder gets an uncommon
Godlante is a more picked hero than Cinder

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:100: @Yosai. Would like tosee a gold godlante


Cinder needs a white or black common skin, as that would probably suit her the best.

Give her a succubus skin. :+1:

If mine gets approved, only halloween we’ll get her skin lol. :laughing:

So far energy and mech female heroes get the legendary skin, it’s time for a bio female hero to get a legendary skin. Cinder is the candidate for that.


What about a rare skin called “silver dragon,” which would be similar to the base skin, but with a white/gold/silver color scheme, some modified gold detailing, gold/silver wings, and (maybe) a gold dragon lapel pin and some sort of headgear/helmet? Sort of a run-on sentence, I apologize.

Nice one @ADX_Alghefeili i’m working something too, including her… hehehehe and i already made a skin for her too, hehehehe :slight_smile:

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@JDoubleG hahaha… we made the same mind and i already made something the same… hehehehe… :slight_smile:


It’s just an idea but i can’t draw art well lol, so it’s up to you artists to make it happen. :grinning:

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it’s ok @JDoubleG i already made it… hehehe, because i have planned of suggesting something… heehhehe


Stop laughing like that, you’re scarring the kids. We might as well get a Godlante skin where he just dresses up as a table

Or, what if Godlante got…wait for it…a coffee cup skin :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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