Skin for Godlante

Come on devs. Where’s the Godlante skin? We need one already. We’re tired of waiting. Here are some skin ideas:
•Pure Gold

Thank you for reading this lol :wink:


Love the ideas, but where‘s the coffee machine-skin?!

Barista skin, he still pours coffee from his lance

Gundam skin pls! :laughing:

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Just make Godlants into a plastic toy robot

Fridge deserves a mention too!

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Lego godlante

Nuff said

That whole yellow godlante looks awful, straining on the eyes. Godlante deserves a legendary skin

Legendary skin and incorporating a deadly weapon

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lol, more like Mythical Skin, changes even the guns :+1:

Well it could have replaced his pistol, and not literally glue it onto him

I second this call. If Godlante is to be truly revered, he must receive a skin worthy of a god.

I have spoken.

Godlante: Am i joke to you? or i will shoot you guys some coffee beans.


Yo this is the king of skin we need! Maybe Galante could have a Legendary Skill which boosts all allied reload and movement speeds by 40% for 4 seconds whenever he uses his boom lance.

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Does he have a cappuccino? It will be very tasty especially with foam rockets

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@ADX_Alghefeili i was thinking, coffee bean missiles and an explosive cappuccino foam… that roots the enemy until the foam evaporates… ahahhahaah

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You might call that Special Skin… because coffee machine is one of the specials when chilling… hahahaha

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