CIP 2021 - wish list

Hallo HHG. After there was unfortunately nothing at Christmas here a wish list for 2021.
Just my opinion…

  • Respect compensation for problems
    I think it is a bit of a shame how sometimes problems are passed over. In the last Bounty there were major server problems that took an extreme amount of time and nerves. That’s when many would have expected something in the inbox.

  • Anniversary gifts
    It would be nice if there would be something at account age 1000 days or 1000 days signup at the game. 1000 day signups are not common and that zero comes from HHG here is a bit sad.

  • Prize explosion level 100.
    From level 90 to 100, the cost of bucks for leveling has increased extremely. However, the event rewards have not really been raised in a measured way. Example…the AllianceFrag event or the buck gains on Bounty. We players sincerely hope that there will be reasonable adjustments here soon to fit level 95/100 as well!

  • Team level increase
    Please no more increase of 10 levels, but like before 5. It’s ok to offer incentives to the payers, but it makes especially the AWar worse and worse playable. Power is sometimes simply everything and the best tactics can’t get past a level 100///.

I wish HHG personally that all employees and their families are healthy and stay healthy in 2021. For us players I hope for happy program developments and good updates (win/win), so that the game in 2021 continues to be fun and we want to play it every day and have fun with the alliance.

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Point no. 1. We did get compensation in our inboxes for the server outages. Some may not have thought it enough, but guess what. HHG doesn’t have to compensate us for anything. It’s a gift when they do, people shouldn’t expect to be compensated.


There was stuff in the inbox you may have not noticed it

1: i don’t think we should get compensation for almost everything, incoveniences can happen. Though as said, when big issues occur we do want to get some sort of compensation as some things might lead to us losing rewards we could have gotten
2: 100% totally agree, i have over 1250 days as of this moment. And i wouldn’t neccesarily ask for a reward. Though a cool portrait would be very nice. Though as you might know their are day 1 players that haven’t played at all. Which i think would be sort of unfair. Maybe logged in days would be a better suggestion
3: yet again i 100% agree, bounty and other small time events give very little buck, the buck we get often can get me 2 skill points at max. So indeed some increased buck rewards would be nice for reaching certain ranks in events
4: 10 levels at a time is a lot, i am just nearing 95. I’ve been playing for almost 4 years and it’s just so sad to see all the XP i grinded when i was at that current max level just lost. Besides that i’m pretty sure they will take it from 5 by now on as going past the 100 star will be such a huge grind and the devs know that.

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  1. Compensation is nice for major unforeseen issues, and while I think it’s good to do morally, I know we aren’t entitled to it. There’s no contract or anything that guarantees compensation.

  2. I think loyalty incentives are a good idea.

  3. Yeah, it takes a lot more XP to level up after lvl 90. I think Bounty rewards need another adjustment, maybe have the rewards change as your power bracket changes, like with Gauntlet and PVP.

  4. I believe there was some math done that said the average player will reach lvl 100 by August 2021, so we’ll see soon enough. For Alliance Wars, I think Ruby is a much bigger deal than lvl 100.


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