5 day bounty was nice!

I am commander of DUCKA and we play pretty casually. We usually get around 100k to 120k points per day in bounty. That being said we usually only make milestone 2 (300k points) in a 3 day bounty event. I was really happy that the last bounty was 5 days (or was it 6?) We were able to hit milestone 1 with some time to spare and we were motivated to play and make it to milestone 1 knowing that the ruby scrap reward was within reach.

I wish bounty events would go back to being longer, even 4 days would be an improvement. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. There must be other alliances in a similar situation.

How do other people feel about the length of bounty? Can anybody think of a good reason for keeping bounty at 3 days? Maybe instead of lengthening the event, points for bounty targets can be boosted, or make bonus bounties more common? I'm really wondering what people think about all this.

tl;dr: I preferred the longer bounty event and want it back.

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Agreed. 3 days during the week is brutal for scheduling. I rather enjoyed that I could casually play theu the week and normal weekend bounty while that typical weekend timeframe only being shortened by 12 hours.

Hey, thanks for this feedback. I will most defnitiely make sure to let the game masters know. :raised_hands:

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5 day bounty was wonderful. It releases that pressure we have with weekends. We can actually enjoy weekends and spend more time with family without having the constant need to grab your phone and play.
Plus is also gives lower alliances the chance to get those rewards. It should be given to how dedicated players are, not how high they were. This 5 day system was a succes to me


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