Bounty Update - Nov 16th, 2021

Thank you to everyone who provided us with constructive and thoughtful feedback during and following last weekend’s Bounty event. We’re grateful for our passionate community and the feedback you provide.

Bounty rewards and Milestone Tiers have been reverted to their original states, starting with the next event, scheduled for Nov 26th, 2021.

We’re excited for the potential for higher Milestone tiers and the rewards they will provide you, but for now, they have been reverted. We’re excited for the evolution of Bounty and what it will look in the future.

Once again, thanks to everyone who provided feedback. We hope you have a great week, and we’ll see you at the next Bounty event.

Hero Hunters Development Team


Noooooooooooo. Everything you guys do to improve the game players have to complain. Sad day.

glad folks were able to communicate using words. constructive and thoughtful feedback is the key to improvement and growth

Sad to see. Bounty was crazy watching everyone shoot for that top reward. My only hope is that you reimplement this milestone system in the near future!! Giving us this blessing and then taking it away is a insult in its own right. Theres not much to do at the top. Saw a lot of fire in our veterans eyes as they had something new to smash through. Please reconsider this decision before that fire gets extinguished.

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very good news, I understand some players who want the increase of points in the bounty. but many players do not have the time to reach the first milestone of the last bounty

I liked having the milestones personally, even though I couldn’t reach them. They allowed for higher experienced players to have new goals, while also keeping goals for lesser players.

This doesn’t mean they’ll never be used again. Bounty may undergo changes in the future, and the infrastructure is there for more milestones to be utilized if the development team chooses to do so.


I would have liked to see 3 new prizes with the increase in points, that would have been better, but I did not see many changes in the rewards, a lot of effort for the same prizes


good decision but lost rewards for those who have always reached the previous milestone will not be refunded? do you mean that we will have losses?

Thank you for listening!

Just goes to show that Own sets standards others have to work entirely too hard to achieve.

This has nothing to do with OWN. The bounty milestones themselves were good, but stretching the rewards out was what people had issues with. Thank you for hearing us HH team. If you bring them back, provide extra rewards for the work that those alliances put in.


Thank you. Now most of the community(99.9%) can enjoy .


It’s a good idea, but the rewards should be changed. For example, let us keep 5 MW Crates for 500,000 Bounty points and put even more in the higher milestones.

This almost feels like a PR stunt :grinning:. Next step, re-install those higher tiers with BETTER rewards. Then, everyone is happy, including crazy OWN.


Was just hoping that rewards would increase. But anyway in future please increase Milestones with just rewards and doable incremental stages

The milestones were never a problem. The problem was spreading the current rewards across the new milestones which automatically makes players not want to push and make thems feel like there pants are being pulled down.

IMO the new milestones should be ran every other bounty and have rewards in them that we don’t receive often like Plat core 5 or 6 or even Ruby core 5 or 6. These items are not in any other event except the scavenger hunt store or co op pvp so would make sense to include them as rewards.

If players think it’s worth their time they will push and give more to the game but as it stands they are being pushed further and further away by the content that’s being implemented at present.


Hooray! Glad they are going back. I have no problem with them adding new tiers for bigger or hard to get rewards but I think maybe 5 teams out of a few hundred made the new tier 1. It really hurt all of us that worked as a team to make the old tier one to find out we had no chance at all of making the new tier 1 with the same rewards.

Vrij hits 2 mil every bounty