Circular Message for ally Members

Hello together,

Great Game, Loving it :smiley:
Is there a possibility to Contact all ally members via circular ally Message?
For us it would be nice to have such possibility. Real life Sometimes take up Time :wink: so its Not possibile to Follow ally Chat 24/7
With circular Message we Could catch up all ally Members with Important Information.

With best regards
Dunedien, BD1

There’s a “Message of the Day” feature: the Commander or XO can write a message and it’ll be pinned to the top of the chat.

Yes Thank you, i know that. 144 Letters possible.
For Example : bounty rules and ally war Tactics can Not be written with 144 letters.
Reasons if we Kick Players from the ally can Not be explained in 144 letters.
For Short Time infomation change the Message of the day? Three Times a day changing it is Not the way it should be Used…i n my opinion.

Best regards
Dunedien BD1

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