Alliance messages to all players

It would be a very useful thing, for important communications, give to the officers, deputy and commander the possibility of writing a message and being able to send it to all players of the alliance. Currently to be sure that all the players read an important communication you must write for 25 times and send it 25 times in private chat to each player, this takes too long


And This why I make discord a requirement in my alliance.

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I’ll just update the alliance message of the day

If you have to communicate rules/guidelines in 5-6 points, the alliance message of the day, in the upper chat, has not enough characters


Good idea. Something like @[TTHF] in my case.

Yes, Great Idea. Had some thoughts about that Couple of days ago…

Topic: circular message

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Or, just download discord. It’s way easier and much more information can be passed on

Why would people want to download another app just to use for chat? Makes no sense. Just update the games chat. Because I’ve done it before for games and some people refuse to do it


Why not? It’s not difficult. It doesnt hurt anything. It’s easier to talk on, it’s easier to pass information on, you can post pictures of calendars and all kinds of stuff. Life is so much easier with it

You can simply ask your alliance members’ email addresses and send your message to their addresses.


Many players have asked me “Is discord a requirment to join” ? Currently I answer " not at this time", however I keep my discord ID in the Update msg Box! As suggested initially a way to send msgs to all individuals, within the Alliance, would be great due to limited space allowed in the Daily Update.

  1. Alliance Chat: is good enough (why add officer

  2. Officer chat: This would be useful if more titles were available than XO and officers, adding titles separating the loyal, opp training and newly accepted members would make officer chat significant and all titles but the last two be in officer chat or (Leadership Chat)
    (concept ideal not a detailed suggestion)

  3. Global chat: for all players who have yet to spend $ and I have learned there are more than one global chat room, does anyone know why?

4.VIP Chat: Looks as if it is improving however we are at our 4th chat area for one game.
Then asking members to download an app and join another chat room, finaly getting them to discord then as any good leader would create an instant invite to Hero Hunters official channel so the Alliance may gain more understanding, read through all the great content, discussions, team building etc… is a bit much.
I am a discord user however a large population of gamers will not join social chats even when explaining Discord is different, so much more than a chat app!
Is there not a way to link game chat to discord? I am not am expert on this but I have seen game aps and competitions available. Just an idea I had thanks for letting me share!

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