Co-op gorgon glitch

okey sooo i found a glitch that is pretty big… it’s on gorgon… ok soo to see that glitch you must play on lvl 15 gorgon… heroes kurtz / any ok first wave kill evrything second wave kill evrything but core must stay alive okey sooo player who using kurtz must kill his ally with silver skill then wait to get this skill again when player who using kurtz get silver skill again he must use bronze skill on core then use silver skill on core… core will be destroyed but game will be still active… then players lose a game because time… (sorry i don’t speak eanglish very well)

I don’t find it interesting to play kurtz on gorgon

you didn’t find it ?
i can help you if you want

@Uga_bug4 it’s a glitch as KURTZ SILVER skill cant be used on any bosses or on bounties.

It is not on your level only, i once killed the gorgon in 2 seconds with irezumi and i had the same, just sometimes it bugs the game out, no worry

He cant indeed, its just when the boss dies by to much damage

Have you told Player Support about it? Bug fixes should be directed to them. Kurtz’s silver skill isn’t supposed to kill bosses anyway.

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I’ve heard of this happening sometimes in other games, where you defeat the boss and it still goes because you killed it too fast.