Co-op helios glitch

well… i found another glitch it’s on co-op helios now it’s with KURTZ again… okey soo on second wave we can see helios. helios has 2 BIG fans on his wings and player who using kurtz use his bronze skill on one of the FAN then use silver skill on it… bonus damage will gone

Send a ticket to Support! Bugs/Glitches can’t be fixed through the forum. :wink:

Support, support, support, support

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This isn’t a big, you can see the same thing happen with using Mariana and halo. Those fans do have a health bar and can be destroyed before the Helios goes down fully. This more often than not does not happen but when you use fast damage dealers they can hit the where the enemies are still setting up. The same can be said for dojo using Mariana and halo where all the enemies die before the wave even begins so they just freeze upright then fall over

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send ticket to support & wait for at least 1 month for this small glitch,bug or whatever it called:)

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