Col. Wesson bug

So I guess Wesson can mark one of my team even though he was currently under invisibility from Mandrake. I would say Dogface was around 15% when Mark went on him, then he got annihilated.

FYI, u can now auto target a invisible hero by just clicking the screen where u assume he is and ur hero starts shooting. so guess its not a bug

Even for skills though?

Yea if u are able to shoot a hero u ll be able to use skills as well

Marked will make invisible hero’s visible.

That’s the exact purpose of mark. It’s a counter to invisibility.

Thank you. I was under the impression of “if they are marked, they cannot turn invisible.” Not necessarily as a counter to already being invisible.

Marking skills can target invisible enemies. Not only Wesson, same goes for Nightingale, and maybe Artemis (I don’t own her, so I can’t really tell)

I personally think this is good, since it allows some counterplay against invisible enemies.

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