Col. Wesson mega evolve

Hey HH community. I posted a new vid to my (also new) Hero Hunters channel (MuthaSuckaz Hero Hunters on YouTube).

I upgrade Wesson from 3 star to 9 star and also show some all UAF battles. Spoiler: I lose lots of hearts!

Since then I’ve found some better teams with Wesson and others but not 5/5 UAF.

Hope you enjoy!


jfc dude…

1600 Mechanical Fragments and 1400 Universal Fragments at the start of the video? HELLO?!

How long did you play and how much did you pay?

808, so probably a beta? To lazy to search him in game

It’s really not that tough… I’ve been playing for several months and have paid <$50. I currently have 1200 mech frags and around 300 universal


Been playing for almost the whole year, paid a little more than $50, but I only get only up to 10-20 Fragments a week (from the Alliance silver crate - Alliance lowkey sucks). At most, I might have 40-50 Elemental or Universal Fragments on deck, but that’s it.

Should I start playing PvP again? I’ve done mostly everything else every day. :confused:

Tell me your secrets or I will call you mean words.

Gauntlet, I buy both maven and dogface, 10* and some PvP, but not as much as I justed to play

Sounds like you’re not nearly as active as I am. I’m getting 60 mech frags per day through heronium. I have two PvP store heroes and dogface at 10*. If you’re spending your frags on heroes before you can get them a full evolution, you’re wasting them. Once I knew Wesson would be mech, I started saving ahead of time. Since Wesson seems relatively underwhelming for my playstyle, I’ll probably just continue to save until a new mech hero comes out. If the October feature is really a 7* Mech, I’ll be able to instantly 10-star him upon unlocking.

Oh. You have three 10-Star Heroes. I mean you have Heronium and I don’t so I’m jealous.

If you’re spending your frags on heroes before you can get them a full evolution, you’re wasting them.*

So I’mma just buy the Hero Fragments from the stores? Alright cool, I got an 8-Star Maven that I can pump Fragments into from the Gauntlet.

*and dont tell me how to live my life i want operator to grow big and strong so when the devs release a bridal gown for him i can love him eternally

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Why would you be jealous? Sounds like we’ve spent about the same and you’ve been playing for at least double the time I have. I’ve not had any opportunity that you haven’t. If you don’t have 10* heroes right now, that’s entirely on you.

And yes, if you spend elemental frags on heroes, it’s a waste unless you get all the way to the evolution.

Slamming my face to my desk so hard right now. How fast did you get a 10 Star - let alone three? I totally believe we spent the same amount of time, but what did you do differently?

I probably need to get off my butt; I only do the daily quests then get off. Do I have to do more PvP? Do I have to play more Gauntlet?

And yes, if you spend elemental frags on heroes, it’s a waste unless you get all the way to the evolution.

and what did i just say did i ask you to tell me how to live my life operator is bae and if i wanna shove elemental and universal fragments up his then i’ll do it aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAaaaA

I only do the daily quests then get off.

Well no ■■■■ you won’t be making much progress then lol

And oh, the annoying operator joke again :roll_eyes: Guess I’m done here.

@Kraterios Not beta lol - I’m in the second wave, so like 200+ days of playing.

But @Lurking_Garbage, I do play a lot. Sure I’ve put money into the game too, but those frags mostly came from daily efforts of farming from hard missions, lots of pvp wins, daily gauntlet, and placing well in events that give frags. Universals just come from playing over time, never bought any before. From bounty events and patrol crates.

And YES heronium helps a lot.

You gotta roast my life style like that. I’m sad.

But yeah you’re right lol. But still three 10 Stars in my amount of time, maybe less, wow…

sobbing in the corner because no heronium

I don’t think there’s any big secret to getting 10* heroes without resorting to the champagne and caviar pay-to-win lifestyle. IMO, there’s only one way to do it: PvP and lots of it. Farm those PvP gems, use them to bring one PvP store hero up to 10* as quick as you can (or do what I did and focus on only buying frags for one hero of each element). Literally don’t spend PvP gems on anything else. If you can suck it up, dump any other frags you get from events into those heroes as well. Once they are 10*, you only spend your PvP gems on buying heronium and that becomes your evolve fuel for all the other heroes that you really like.

I’ve been playing a little over 200 days and I’m VIP 5, so around $22 spent. Sitting on six 10* and three 9* heroes. It’s basically because I leveled up Matador, Gammond, and Drake to 10* as quickly as I could from the PvP store and now I just buy heronium with those frags. Sorta lucky that those are three heroes that have also never been removed from the PvP store.

That’s exactly what I did. Pumped tens of thousands of pvp gems into nobody but Gammond and Mandrake and now they’re my heronium farm.