Is Colonel Wesson any good?

I recently got him and I was wondering if he is worth investing into.

Yes he is esp when paired up with the other UAF heroes at Plat him and Oracle wreck like crazy.

Aw, and I just decided Steele as my next mech platinum. Well, Wesson will wait.

My opinion on Wesson is that he’s not bad but not great. His bronze skill is pretty much useless and his silver skill is good only when you have gold as well. His silver (without gold) is a pretty standard AoE attack like Panzer (silver) and if you badly need a Mech hero with an AoE ability you should pick Panzer before Wesson in almost any situation.
Gotta speak about Wesson again once I get him to platinum!

What’s that bad about his bronze though? I’ve used him on Gauntlet a bit and it seems to melt the enemy team.

Wesson is a monster. His atk dmg is great at platinum and his airstrike is money at gold. As stated above, Oracle and Wesson demolish when teamed.

His bronze might be good for PVE, I never tried. But decreasing someones max health for a few seconds in PVP is useless, specially if the target is already damaged more than the skill decreases the health.

Like. If you have damaged your enemy so that he’s missing 100.000 health decreasing his maximum health by 40.000 has no effect. All you’re left with is a marked skill with a slight effect of reduced healing for a short while.

How’s Steele doing after the buffs? Ive been trying around both Wesson and Steele, but currently Wesson definitely feel like it is on the stronger side. My wesson is 5* gold compared to a 6* gold steele

I don’t feel a real difference from pre-buff Steele. He’s still good if he can survive but lacks proper survivability. He’s soon platinum so might have a reason to redact my statement.

Interesting. From my attempts to use Steele, he tanks well as long as there is a way to get attention off him via other tanks (Drake gold, Razor taunt). His offense is still kinda weak though despite looking good on paper.

I think I’ll wait for you to see his power in plat before I do so myself.

Steels biggest problem is, that he is a frontline hero with the health of a mid line hero.
His skills are great. Silencing and rooting three heroes at once. 76 bullets to fire in a row with a buffed damage. Krit and lowering the opponents attack as a plat. All great skills. Same with his gold. You just can’t get them going, because he is dead before they charged and his gold barely goes off, because 6 seconds without damage are unrealistic.

He needs shorter cooldowns and a different trigger for his gold skill. And a health buff or making him a mid liner wouldn’t hurt either.

PS.: He will do great in bounty, especially with the skin, because you can make use of his skills there.

Wesson is quite good if he gets off his silver/gold combo. But since he has a large ammo capacity he is targeted early and therefore often killed before getting it off.

I thought the benefit of his bronze is less about the immediate health loss and more about the focused fire and heal block. His bronze is designed to let you focus down a target with your whole team. If you do within the time frame its on the target, it recharges the ability and you can move onto the next target. Its really a command ability to get your whole AI team to focus enemies down. I actually find its better on hurt targets; sure they dont initially lose much life, but it ensures you kill them before they can be healed. Think Gale’s Mark, but better.

I actually think his silver isnt quite as good. The damage isnt amazing, but the linger fire is more so the benefit. Either the enemy stays and takes good damage or they are forced to move. But in pvp its only a so-so effect.

Overall, Wesson is a pretty solid guy in the current meta since its still pretty panzer/gale heavy. As said he also works well with oracle. Basically he helps you create a viable UAF time.

Largely agreed on Steele. I dont know if faster cooldowns will help much though. Once he can get his ammo capacity ability up, he can just keep cycling it so its like it stays up forever. He mainly needs a form of early game survivability. I like the idea of reducing the enemies attack, via his plat, but i dont think thats realistic. I think he needs something more like beck’s evasion field or a more reliable shield trigger from his gold.

Honestly though im starting to wonder if hes fine, but just needs the right team comp (like plat moss and vanguard). You have to remember no one has used the guy for a long time and are just dusting him off. I’m sure someone will get creative and find a solid comp he fits in.