Best use of spare frags?

I have been trying to evenly upgrade heroes, I have Dog/Mandrake/Surge(ew) at 8* and most others at 5, a few 6s and 7s. Spare frags seem to be piling up, should I dump everything into dog to get him to 10* to open the shop or keep upgrading more evenly?

Thanks for any input.

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I’m in a pretty similar situation. Dog is approaching 10*.

Let me tell you what I did yesterday. I somehow accidently applied 50 mech frags to ELITE RIFLEMAN. :frowning: It really was a mistake, I didn’t realize my screen was unlocked and my thumb accidentally placed on the apply frag-button. There are many better uses for mech frags (Dogface, Hardscope, Panzer…). Anyway the frags took my Rifleman from 3* to almost 5* so I decided to roll with it. Maybe he’s good? Never seen him in battle but he did get a buff last update right. So I decided to invest in him. Applied lots of equipment, took him from green to silver +3 before I realized I upgraded the wrong dude. So here I am with a nearly 5* Elite Rifleman at green promotion and a 3* Operator at silver +3. These guys look too much like each other.

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Ouch, I was laughing when I was reading this, not because it’s funny but I feel the pain, sorry man it really sucks :persevere:

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I personally save a few elemental frags for farming events, if the rewards are good, and use the rest on whichever hero I wanna make stronger.

I heard people saying you should use frags only on heroes you can’t farm, like Heimlock or Phalanx, but every frag you use on an easy to farm hero brings you closer to heronium, and being able to get frags for any hero you like, so it’s not a “waste” to push a hero to 10* with frags, in my opinion.


oh man, that is brutal… I feel your pain :frowning: … maybe you can utilize those guys in gauntlet. rifleman/operator totally look waaay to similar… sorry for your loss! I did see a 8* gold4 operator in a pvp battle… at least you’re not that guy.

Thank you for the input, I appreciate it. I was of that understanding to only use frags on heroes you can’t farm, but getting the shop open seems to be something to prioritize. I got turned off once I got dog to 8* when I saw it was 600 for 9* and 1200 for 10*? haha

I invested in easy to farm heroes first. Before Heronium, getting guys like Matador, Mandrake, etc to 10* would give you frags which could then be applied to other heroes. Felt like a win because a lot of guys in the PvP store are really good and it would then allow you to upgrade non-farmables at a much faster rate.

Even with the introduction of Heronium, I still think it’s a good tactic. It slows down progression for the whales who have tons of 10 star heroes and PvP for 10 hours a day but for less active players you can still grab lots of universal frags without much fear of capping out on a daily basis.


10* needs 1080 frags and 2.5M bucks, if I recall correctly

I was doing the same, then they removed sentry and maven. The two heroes I’ve been trying to get to 10*. For orange I planned to get it from gauntlet. I hope they don’t change the frag sources anymore, it just kills us casuals… The alliance store and heronium store are now a good source if you need startup frags since these cycles the available frags…


I actually put my Elite Rifleman in the Gauntlet today. Sector 1 along with a few 6*. Not the best heroes but not terrible ones either. Gotta say for a 4* among 6*'s he did pretty good. His skills aren’t even leveled up completely yet.

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Keep them for the new heroes. I don’t use spare frags on anyone anymore since I can’t farm them anymore from my 10* guys. Yeah heronium store is there but it’s a joke to guys who have just recently unlocked a 10. So don’t dump into one guy to rush them to 10 just to hit a wall


I think pushing for 10* is fine, if you want the character at 10*. If it is just to put frags on someone else using heronium, I would rather just put the frags on them to start with. As for PvP store I still feel the same, buy the ones you actually want to evolve.

Dogface is the exception, because you don’t actually need to try for him. Just need to not buy gear mats in gauntlet.

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thats pretty solid, he might be sneaky useful

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thanks for the input! that makes a lot of sense.

I gave you a heart for the brutal, crazy, honest tragedy that you have shared.

I like the general input of not punishing yourself on using the frags to the free toons like matador.

But I would also suggest to be cautious on your long term farming plans. I would suggest only applying them on the last step, when you are sure you are about to 10* the hero. We don’t know if any toon farming migration will happen. I used some of my frags to push my Maven and poof, stuck.

Again, use it for the final push!

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Ah, Maven. Yeah I think we were all buying her frags. Mine is halfway to 9*

I agree, I would hold off on using frags until you have enough to guarantee next Star, not just 10* though. Also not as big a deal if you have a 10* Dogface, which for most of us will be the first. 15-20 frags a day, or 30-35 if VIP10. With the 3 daily for Maven, that really isn’t to bad.

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