Collaboration Fight - HH vs FF

guys… can we have a special game mode where the HH and FF are fighting each other??? a collaboration perhaps… disregard the elemental bonus since they both have different. its like… FF vs HH game mode…


What do you guys think???


FF will definitely lose because their aiming sucks. :laughing:

Support. :+1:

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hahaha… then i guess its a no… hahahahah

This was my april fools joke from last year!

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A joke will always stay a joke

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oh. it was already said?? hahahaha my bad… i didn’t see this thread…

no no, no worries! I am glad that someone actually wants to see it happen lol.
I think it would be really cool.


In some points, i actually love to see some collaborations happening. and with your games, i love to see collaborating FF and HH, to look very crazy cool. Imagining melee and range fighting each other, Two different worlds fighting each other or fighting together, depends if that player has both accounts. hehehe,