Hero Hunters VS Forged Fantasy

April Fools

You thought today’s announcements were over?! GUESS AGAIN!

Coming back at ya fresh off the presses, I present to you the crossover event of the century! Maybe even of all TIME!

Dimensional rifts are going to popping up all over the place causing two worlds to collide in a battle you won’t want to miss! Which side will you choose?

** Crossover event not actually happening… :smirk: **


This would be pretty epic if it was true.


Please no… just no.

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Yeah… no one cares about FF, just a blatant HH copy and ripoff. HH FTW

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The poster is cool… and I want new Flatline skin!!!

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this would be unbalanced if this was true since there are way more hero hunters heroes

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Also, most FF heroes are melee. HH heroes are ranged attackers. Logically thinking, HH automatically wins

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My Warhammer 40k T’au army would disagree with you. I get rekt by close combat.


but… I like FF…
yes, it still needs a lot of adjustment but it’s not as horrible as a game

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