Commando Mytical Skins ,Year of Ryker Event

Ryker goes commando along with his comrades. Mythical Skin obtainable threw a scavenger hunt. What you are looking for this hunt are grenades and the new addition when you find and shoot the grenade it explodes ensuring you’ve found the grenade !!!

Nightingale :
Butter :
And of course the Main hero Ryker All get Mythical skins

Ryker skin : muscle shirt ,army jeans ,big Brown boots ,with cigar hung on lip,with a tattoo of HH on arm, UAF, or a woman logo

Other skin can be created by other players in a community clash for skin idea’s or posted here for more skin ideals.

This brings back key hero’s we started with in beginning of the game giving them buffs to contend with newer hero’s. And a different style of an scavenger hunt. Post your thoughts or ideals.

I like the idea. Apparently the og heroes are pretty weak compared to the new ones and we use them so less nowadays. So it ud be fun to liven them up again .

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