Mythic skin set (Ryker, Butter, and Nightingale)

Here’s the idea, make a skin set for the original trio,

The skins will all be purchasable for 10k nano dust each (purchasable the same way you can buy skins), but also come in a package deal for 30$, making it a sweet discount for player who want to pay,

The skins will be; Black Ops, (reference to skins similar to the “KLG skin for Commando, or slightly similar to the Swat skin for Alcatraz, but yes a demise for black ops outfit, mythic and all,)

Great trio was dogface, Gammond, and mandrake

They need to be buffed dude, I wish they could be the way they used to be

They are still having issues with the update and you think they’ll be able to change skins? Lmao, it’s been what like 3 updates in almost a year? RIPHH

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Update should be out tomorrow, the update was sent to the App Store for approval, once it is (chance some ding dong might reject it tho bc apple is weird) they will put the update log on the forums and roll the update out, get ready people!

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