Hero Skin suggestion (Legendary)

This will be a new skin for Nightingale. It gives her a medieval armor look. Title of the skin would be either Dark Night or Night Mare. Makes her more offense than healer.

The skin would come with a new ability that the other skins don’t have. The ability will be to shoot 3 consecutive shots at a single target with a chance to stun them. Won’t stun all the time.

Got this idea from a dream I had last night about a revamped alliance participation. The more your alliance participates in activities, the better the reward. This skin was the final prize.

I don’t have artistic skills, but just imagine her in a dark armor

Good idea, but nightingale again? She has like 3 skins already and a legendary.


well 1 legendary, 1 rare and 1 common.

there are currently like 5 legendary skins out of the 131 skins total (majority of those being common)

And she has 1 of those legendary

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There’s a community topic already for skin ideas/requests. We likely can’t use any of them, but feel free to post there, as it’s relevant.

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