Community Clash 4 is Coming! Enter Now!

Once again, it’s time to show our appreciation for the Hero Hunters community by immortalizing you in one of our favorite events! Prepare for Community Clash 4!

Ready to submit your team and have players face off against them in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator Event? Read on!

How It Works

  • Ten players will be chosen to become Community Champions! Selection is based on the entrant’s community standing, overall positive influence on the community, and quality of submission.
  • Those ten Champions will have their in-game name featured alongside their chosen team of five Heroes as a Boss Wave encounter in an upcoming Min’s Danger Simulator.
  • Players will be able to face those Boss Wave encounters during the Event, squaring up against an AI-controlled team of your design!
  • If you’re one of our selected Community Champions, you’ll win prizes, including Gold and an Exclusive Portrait to show off to the world!

How to Enter

Reply to this post, and include the following:

Name: Include your in-game name, even if it’s the same as your forum name. Exact spelling is required!
Team Name: The name of your five-Hero team. Make it something interesting, and keep it clean!
Team Composition: Choose five Heroes. You can use duplicates of the same Hero, if you want! All teams are subject to developer approval. We’re looking for creative and interesting encounters! You can choose which Skins each Hero should wear, if any.
Team Description: A quick note outlining arguing the case for your team, and explaining any theme or convention you’ve chosen.

Sample Entry:

Name: Muninn
Team Name: Go Go Hideo Rangers!
Team Composition: Hideo, Sapphyr, Odachi, Kunoichi, Ronin
Team Description: All of the game’s ninja, gathered in one place. All damage! Many colors! No healing! No mercy!

But Wait, There’s More!

One of our ten Community Champion teams will be chosen to be the Final Boss Wave of this Event! They’ll need to include a Gorgon in their team composition, so they’ll get a chance to re-do their submission if chosen for this prestigious position. Plus, they’ll earn an additional Exclusive Portrait!


The following Heroes are excluded:

  • Phoenix
  • 4CEP
  • Flatline
  • Ifrit
  • Gammond

If you include one or more of these Heroes in your submission, it will not be accepted as a valid submission.

Entries are due by Tuesday, July 6th at 12:00PM PST! Limit one entry per user!

Thanks, Hunters, and good luck!


Name: Our0bor0s
Team Name: Ursa Major
Team Composition: 3 Ursus (Juggernaut) and 2 Revenant (red costume)
Team Description: This gun is too small. This gun is too big. THIS gun is juuuuuuust right :bear:


Name: Doom The Great
Team Name: Church of Mk2.
Team Composition: Mk2, Mk2, Mk2, Mk2, Mk2.
Team Description: The church is back to show everyone what it can do after it was disbanded few months back. This time no one will survive the wrath of mk2, Lord Mk2.


Name: ruminatingpig83983
Team Name: Healing Warriors
Team Composition:
Team Description:The power of healing on a battlefield in a long battle…who will defeat them?

Name: F47H3R KILL3R 1018
Team Name: HACKERS!
Team Description: no mercy, no fear, you have a choice, live or die,

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Name: Fazeshadow
Team Name: Rykers new crew
Team Composition: Ryker, saphyr, Kaishi, fischer, Phalanx
Team Discription: Hide in the Shadows, stay alive, and wait for orders from Ryker.


Name: Vintermyst

Team Name: Plaything Narrative

Team Composition: Marlowe, Krieger (Lunar), Harbinger, Fortress (Ultraviolet), Shank

Team Description: “These five heroes have decided to produce a totally original cinematic masterpiece about a bunch of action figures which come to life!” :smiley::ok_hand:

Starring: Marlowe as Sheriff Oak, Krieger as Hum Spaceman, Harbinger as Po Beep, Fortress as Porkk, and Shank as Sir Starchbody.

You don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime production!



Name: Braveheart596
Team Name: Specter Squad
Team Composition: Revenant (Base Skin), Silhouette (Sky), Sapphyr (Ultralight), Mandrake (Timberland), Prophet (Phantasm)
Team Description: You can never tell where the Specter Squad is or what they is doing until after theyve done it and are off the radar again.


Name: RICO
Team Name: Archers army
Team Composition: Bolt, Cross, Venom, Artemis, Warden
Team Description: one shot at a time, man down

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Name: II BloodFest II
Team Name: The Wizard Hunters
Team Composition: Serial (Heronium Infected), Briar, Jackal (Forged), Fiber (Scarecrow), Fortress (Galahad)
Team Description: The Great and Powerful OZ, Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man Come Make A Special Appearance To Help Take Out The Community In This Featured Event.


Alliance blzd1 ballzdeep
Game tag SYNISRY666
Team name legion of syn
Serial Krieger obraz slurp shank
Elite firing squad ready to have fun and bring kaos

Name : TrialZee
Team name: The Patrol Crew
Team Composition : Klayton, Torque, Cross, Chesterfield, Salvatore (all original skins)
Team Description : "No special faction event occuring? Well, so we are here to guard and protect… Your patrol crates… :wink: "


TEAM COMPOSITION: Purifier, Scum, Serial (heronium infected), Itezumi (tagger), Moss (alchemist)
TEAM DESCRIPTION: The year is 2042. the planet was almost destroyed by a highly progressive virus. only those who used good defenses survived. some of the survivors have even mutated. all this did not prevent them from establishing their own rules…


Name- Avatar Mellow
Team name- A pie to the face!
Team composition- Butter Guardian skin. Heimlock Extra Health skin. Nightingale Combat Medic skin. Elixir Forged Skin. Slurp Marathon Mutant skin

Description- From running marathons to taking pies to the face, these guys will do anything for charity and their community


Team Name: Field Cleaning Department
Team Composition: MK2, Yanlong, Dreadnought (mech warrior), Galante, Oracle
Description: A heavy artillery squad jokingly named cleaning department for the high explosive potential literally used to clear big territories of all traces of life.
They won’t have a great friendship with each other, but you’re part of their paycheck so… yea… have fun.


Name: Royals 333

Team Name: Trench Warfare

Team Composition: Yanlong, Richter, Slavodaor, planlanx ,and moss

Description: Time to dig in ,brace yourself for a trench fight,beware of your surroundings, 1 wrong step and you become another piece of scrap in the trenches hoorah!!

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I love how people always miss this, some people even submit 3 teams within one hour


Name: Valkyrie Son
Team Name: Krystal Killers
Team Composition: Revenant DIE HARD FAN, Pariah SWITCH, Ursus VIKING, Chesterfield CAVALIER, Oro BLACK ICE
Team Description: All dressed for elegance and dominance. Debuff, Deny, Reflect, Weakness Exploit, Pressure.


Name: 2old4thi5

Team name: Ex-Yakuzas

Team Composition: Odachi, Kunoichi, Ronin, Kaishi and Kiyoshi (???!!!, see below)
Description: A force to be reckoned with, these japanese mafia members, after Zero-day, left Hideo’s command and scattered among other groups (alliances as we know nowadays). Nonetheless, they are still deadly.
PS: Kiyoshi is a Tengu-kind demon who have her obscure reasons to act in Teraventa or in this world, even before zero-day.


Avatar Mellow

Charity Runners
Steele- Away team
Savage- regular skin
Francoise- The Bride
Slurp- Marathon Mutant
Shank- Black belt

Description: a bunch of sporty charity runners. They may not all be doctors but they do save lives!

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