🤝 How would you contribute to Hero Hunters? (Community / Fan Involvement Ideas)

I’ve come to really enjoy HH, not just because of the game modes, but the characters and world-building that goes with it, not to mention the community. The game is very expansive, and with the many continual updates, maybe it would be neat to have some community involvement.

Perhaps a handful of weapons that have fan-submitted, designer-refined weapon skins. Or maybe a super special contest for some voice lines for the female characters without a unique one. Maybe even character skins, I don’t know.

I’m just curious to hear what areas you guys would like to contribute to, if it was theoretically allowed? I’m more of a cosmetic guy myself. :wink:

(P.S. - I know the team already has hero backstory contests, and that stuff is FUN. More of that plz!! :grin::grin:)

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Some of our skins are also inspired by fan ideas. It was really fun to make them.


What I really want is more variety in the missions: I loved the Min Christmas event. Why not make a permanent one that doesn’t consume energy and gives a bunch of bucks every time you play? The higher the level you get, the more bucks you win. It doesn’t need to be something economy-breaking, just an entertainment until the energy recharges, the lives of PvP recharge, etc. With 100-200 buck rewards per each level won and increasing by a small percentage the amount of bucks won as you go higher… You could set savepoints every 5 levels, giving the option to players of beginning from level 1 or from the last reached checkpoint.


I’d be down for a voice acting contest


I really like that idea of a voice acting contest.
The Devs could introduce a hero contest to where we send them our best (up to 6 seconds) audio recording of a voice-line we think the hero would say based on their appearance and backstory. The grand-prize winner would get their audio-recording as the heroes voice-line (if the devs really liked it) as well as the actual hero in-game and some gold when the update hit. 2nd and 3rd runner ups could also win the hero.
Sounds pretty fun.


Even having a contest for all of a pre-existing hero’s lines would be fun. Sayings for stun, reload, stagger, starting a match, and unique, individual sayings for bronze and silver skills (but not “YEAH”, or “OH YEAH” :roll_eyes:).

With HHG making defined guidelines, expectations of quality, audio format, etc., each generic-voice character could be given a unique voice from the fan-base. Pretty cool concept, and one that could draw in new players too.

Another guy pointed this out, but Cinder and Kobold both have the generic female voice of the game, as does Callidus, Sapphyr, Panzer, Min, Flatline, and Oracle. Min might have a nerdy, awkward, anti-social voice, while Flatline reminds me of a focused and passionate ER nurse. Heck, Callidus could have a Zarya-esque voice, I don’t know. :laughing:

Would totally try for one of the dude voices if it happened.

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I wanna do voice acting for this game too…

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Voice acting would be awesome. Cheap and effective way to get voicings for characters, and I’m sure players would love it


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