Addressing This Week's Issues

As you may be aware, this week there was a temporary exploit that allowed some players to claim rewards multiple times from the Marlowe + Alcatraz PvP Brawl. We’ve since closed the exploit, so there’s no need to worry about future events, but we do need to address the extra rewards some players were able to earn.

Here’s a summary of the actions being taken:

  • If you claimed your PvP Brawl rewards more than three times, you’ll see a rollback in rewards and Hero Star Level progress. You’ll be allowed to keep three claims worth of rewards.
  • If you participated in the event and claimed three times, nothing will happen. You get to keep the extra rewards.
  • If you participated in the event and claimed under three times, you’ll receive extra rewards to bring you up to three total claims.

This means everyone who participated in the event will receive three times the rewards they would have originally been granted, in essence.

We’ll also be sending out an additional compensation package to make up for the issues you’ve been experiencing in the game since 3.3. We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and will recommit ourselves to ensuring that Hero Hunters meets your expectations.

All the best,
The Hero Hunters Development Team


Good job :+1: :laughing:

What if we spent money gold to speed up the use of all stamina we obtained

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All of the cash I had before is gone and pvp gems too

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Sorry! If you spent Gold to burn through exploited Stamina before it was bound to be removed, we can’t reimburse that.



Yaaaaaaaay scum back in da 6 star realm thanks devs! I’m happyyyyy!

People who have used money, golds and quick wins will not get any refund!?
RIP and time to move on to another game. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::thinking::thinking:


A serious problem, they have taken more than they should have, I had 9k of quick victory and now 5k? also had more than 20m turkeys and now 0? What happened?


I lost 15M for my part I was at 35M I am at 20 now​:pensive::pensive::pensive:

Hum.first of all I wanna say thank you dev . but my real problem its why you remove all my all $ cause a was around 24 millions befor that pvp bug now its only 3 million
One moor thing I never go down to at least 8k heronium
Even for my PvP reward allow me 8k heronium I lose very thing
Vanished all according to this post I’m
Now 0 heronium my stamina also gone around 1.2 stamina haaaa I’m sorry to say hope next time this will never happens again


@ the Devs…

So, can we conclude this as below ?

If players spent their own bucks/golds/qw/pvp gems, let say to grind the heroes skills/level or upgrade to get more stars or to increase heroes power, and the increase power added came from the exploited glitch…

So the dev won’t be able to reimbursed all that already spent? We can assumed that all we grind / spent is calculated as if there weren’t any exploited glitch happened…

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Well, I’m upset that I missed out on getting buttloads of heronium, but at least you guys weren’t totally unreasonable. 3 claims is more than enough for everyone, and I appreciate the two gilded tokens. Was a bit weird seeing my energy go from 5k to 0 and bucks from 3 mill to 0 in the morning, though. :smile:

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QueenDatAll—- in game name… if someone would be so kind to go back to date or glitch and refund my money and stamina that would be great! I had 22million prior to glitch… now I am at 12 million. I had over 600 in stamina and stamina was down to 59 at log in. I totally understand taking back extra rewards, but you have taken more than what was actually given in rewards. Thank you for your attention.

They already admitted that dude, that’s why they fixed it. Personally, it’s fine that my Alvarez went from 10* to 7* again. It doesnt feel right to get a huge pile of resources due to a glitch. That is just my opinion

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The calculations were double-checked. Nobody had anything extra taken away, and we won’t be adding anything additional to anyone’s accounts. Thanks.


I still don’t understand how exploiting one glitch is ok (allaince war gems glitch) and another one isn’t. Why wasn’t the gems taken away from those who did it? Also definitely had more moss frags and cash taken away


I used to have 20 million cash before glitch happened. Now i got 8.14 million? it took me days of gauntlet in getting 20 million. Thank goodness i did not save further until 30million.

Maybe a little illustration of the calculation can help…
For example,
A players own 10M bucks before the glitch…
And if there’s no glitch, the player only get 1M more for his/her rank in the brackets…
But because the glitch let say he/she could grab 10M in total (but actually they got only 11M if there wasn’t any glitch)…

Seeing he/she had 20M bucks, then the player spent 12M to grind any heroes, whether it was for skill / starring up and so on…

If he/she could claimed 3x, means they only get 3M, add the initial 10M = 13M in total…

Means, after this issue resolved he/she won’t get 8M left (20M - 12M), instead they will left with 1M now (because the rewards only 3x = 10M +3M glitch - 12M used for grinding)…

So, more less the calculation like above?

And it will applied for PVP gems/ QWS/ others, blablabla?

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HERE! HERE! Same with me