Suggest me a good team for pvp

currently i have unlocked 36 heros in which i use 25 heros in pvp. others are too low and mostly not upgraded. i do have 2 platinum heros which i pair with gold ones i get match up with lvl70 players with same plat heros with 4-5k~ over powered. but thats not a problem unless i face a flatline,ifrit,caine combos. i really couldnt win a single match against them literally.
i use mandrake,gammond,matador,dogface, caine… this is my main team. it would be great help if u suggest a different combo heros so i could try those…

Dog, Fortress, caine, Night & Butter… You can also try switching Dog or Fortress with with Panzer… Don’t use your 7star plat with these as that will make you meet higher opponents than your power level.

Basically your top DPS heroes should normally not be lower power than your support/healers…

thnx… i ll give it a few runs in pvp

Did it help winning some more matches? Fun to hear some feedback ^^

Also use Manual play to control your DPS shooter, and kill the opponents Heroes in the right order… practice practice practice to make perfect :slight_smile:

it works perfect !!! thnx
but i don’t manual control heroes. but ll try to do it in normal matchups…