Cash BUFF (Probably already mentioned)

Really need a huge Buff to cash. The amount of heroes with the amount of skills and the level cap increases and all the evolution costs and gear crafting causes my gauntlet cash to last no longer than 5 minutes after I run both of my resets (2 runs total a day is around 1.3Mil cash but used to be almost 2Mil if I’m not mistaken) I honestly think a nice buff to the amount of cash earned from gauntlet/ a buff to the amount of tiers in gauntlet would be quite useful. Maybe even have gauntlet have no limit to tiers so that way with the current 64 heroes (with full teams of 5 + 1 team of 4) you have the minimum tier amount of 13 which at the current cash rate would throw us to ~13mil a day (which yes is probably too much but we are just spitballing here.) just tryin to get some ideas flowin because this cash is way too tight and the gold exchange rate is no where near worth the amount of gold used. 10 gold for ~65k cash that’s ~2 skill points for the first buy. And the 10x cash rate is so rare that I have maybe gotten it once or twice. What do you guys think?


13mil is probably a bit to much, but I agree with everything else, currently I have 0 bucks in the last week before the bounty, so I can’t upgrade any skills if I want to summon bounties

Yes totally agree, I have asked for extra cash before, the gold exchange is a rip off.

I actually can’t use a lot of my heroes purely cause this skills are so low level and have 7 heroes ready to 10* but no cash.

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  • Change to gold-to-cash conversion rate: I support
  • Change to amount earned in gauntlet for higher levels: I support it but let’s not go crazy. Double it but that’s it, at least for now.
  • Change to number of tiers in gauntlet: I would only support if something were instated to allow gauntlet to still be finished in the same amount of time or less. Eg, as has been suggested, 1.25x the recommended = the threshold to be able to quickwin the tier. Or, autosave the heroes used on that tier the previous run so that some time is saved selecting heroes.
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Just add 1 more tier but instead of gauntlet gems have the chest give a surprise chance of 75k,125k or 250k cash prize. That be big help. So we have the 3 wins maybe roughly at 75k, 225k plus the random chest

Yeah I agree completely 13mil is way too much but hey imagine if we had it, I would max out everything lol

I be happy with the 13mil. I’ll buy a lot of silver chests lol

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