Converting Nanodust to Skin Tokens?

It would be great if we could convert nanodust into skin tokens. For example, 150 nanodust = 100-200 skin tokens.

Or give us the option to buy the skin again using nanodust in order to upgrade skin levels.

Currently, the stores offer skin tokens at too high of a price and a lot of us have thousands of nanodust just sitting with no new skins to buy.

Feedback from a dev in regards to this would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Seriously, or at least something.

Or perhaps make at least one of the following skins purchase-able with Skin Nanodust: Alvarez (Witnessed), Lancer (UAF), Shivs (Vice), Matador (Muerto), Carabina (Blood Wraith), Savage (Claus).

Or even just come out with some new skins that are purchase-able with Skin Nanodust.

As it stands, I have 4,500 Skin Nanodust, and nothing I can buy with it, and it’s been that way for many many months.

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