Skin Vault

So I opened five skin vault tokens today, and I only got two new skins. (I’m missing more than 20 of the limited edition skins, to put into perspective my bad luck). I feel like there should be a feature where if you use a vault token, you are guaranteed to get a skin that you haven’t unlocked yet. It’s hard enough just to get the vault tokens in the first place, so it’s really disappointing when you just pull skin nanodust. Any thoughts?


My thoughts are singular, let’s respect probability & uncertainty.

It creates excitement!


So you think there should be a skin store instead? I like the idea, normal skins cost Nanodust and then the exclusive skins cost a skin crate token. Leave Skin tokens to have their respective crate.


Skin store would be nice.


Yes please Gale!!! I miss 2 and the odds to get them are so low…

You mean the skin store that already exists? Exchange 200 skin tokens to open and get something or use the nanodust to purchase them

Not all skins are available for nano dust

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