So i see you guys finally figured out how to keep those skin tokens flowing. I appreciate the transition and i welcome the additional growth. :slight_smile:
With that being said. What are we going to do about the nanodust? I have a stockpile and no real usage. Only safe to assume that majority of the HH community has the same issue. There has to be a way to implement the same transition for nanodust usage.
May i suggest a nanodust store or maybe a converter to make it a skin token again. If your not going to make skins for us to buy with nanodust on a regular basis then its a dead currency for the majority of the HH community.


You could assume that most players have the same issue, but you would be mistaken. The data shows a low overall balance. Some highly-engaged players might have a surplus, but that’s not true for a vast majority of players. You’re in the minority on this one, I’m afraid. Thanks for the feedback.

Use that nanodust to purchase the skins (the ones you can of course)

I should do the same. But i just let it stockpile. I don’t have all the skins though

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