Coop campaign

I think hero hunters should add campaign coop. Both teams choose 3 characters and face a difficulty between extreme and hard. No quick wins and best of all? Only MK cores. Best idea ever. Of course there is gonna be the inevitable shitty match making but I think this can simply be fixed by putting a very retarded min to start (e.g. finishing 13-10 to make sure that they are actually good). Most will think what is this different from regular core fragment farming? Well how about guaranteed cores fragments l? No need to quick win and puts an initiative on this. This will not make getting cores fragment quicker as 1, there is no quick wins and 2, this will require stamina which not may has infinite of. Wont this be a fun thing to try?


To just grow on this idea, something like a hybrid between Min simulator with the rounds and Gauntlet with different maps. Maybe some form of Massive map where the campaign districts are all combined together and you work through the entire district solo or with a coop partner.

Rewards would be random and defined based on how long you last, maybe bonuses if the difficulty is higher. This could event work with bonus factions monthly and a scoreboard who has hit the highest rank.




What about indeed just gauntlet, danger sim or anything else coop, coop is always fun

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