New game mode: PvP Coop

We already have PvP and Coops, why not combine them both?

Use the same team format as our current coops (two 3 hero teams) but with no duplicate heroes allowed.

Use our current PvP maps. As much as I’d love to see new maps, I’d rather see this game mode. There’s plenty of room on our current maps to add one more hero per side.

Please make this a thing. I think it would add a whole new dynamic to team play in the game.


could not agree more. been silently wishing PVP was a coop event for quite a while now. Cheers!


I would love to do this, but I think the waiting times would be absurd. Getting 4 players in the same general power range to match up at the same time is probably wayyyyy harder than getting 2. If HH ever jumps this over to a bigger platform like Xbox, I think it’d make more sense.

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I mean if you teamed up with someone and combined your power as a team, it would essentially be the same as it is now. But you made me think of something. The matchmaking should be based off the two strongest players’ power to limit min/maxing

matching based on the power of the two strongest players would do nothing to prevent min - maxing. Nothing “limits” min - maxing, it can only be penalized.

You might be right, I tried lol

I like this idea, then my wife and myself can team up.

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Hate this min maxing crap and it’s funny when they get their butt kicked playing me

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100% for this. How ever which way the match making happened. Does not matter to’op pvp is the goal lol