Co-op and PvP mixed; Hero's controled by 5 user's

The idea is simple

For example:
Player 1 using Dogface
Player 2 using Mandrake
Player 3 using Heimlock
Player 4 using Nighingale
Player 5 using Flatline

Also it can be with 3 hero’s
People can invite players from their friends list or alliance members or they can join automatch.
Game match a group with another group who they are online at the moment.

I know this idea needs a lot of work and some edits, but it can be really fun if developer’s do it for us.
What you think?

And sorry for my bad English :joy:


It seems like an interesting idea for a new game mode
It’d be hard to implement tho obviously, but I like the thought of something new that’d change the game in a big way like that

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Yeah it’s really hard to implement.

If they could do something like when you are joining automatch, you and other 5 user’s (or 3), can choose the hero’s and see what hero other users are choosing, just like when you invite a friend to co-op, so this way people can make a right team and go to war and have fun.

It’s gonna be huge and fun if developer’s do it somehow, I really like to see this game mode on Hero Hunter’s

Definitely would be a fun match type for truly co-operative PVP. I think the 3v3 would work better so one player playing a certain hero doesn’t get focuses down immediately every time and then has to sit and watch as the other 9. Plus, 3v3 would require less waiting for a full 6 players if you are randomly matchmaking.

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This should be introduced with pvp drafting. But should always be a different game mode. Hopefully they leave free play alone and don’t force pvp drafting on us. It’s supposed to be ‘free’ play

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That’s a good idea if they update this it will be great

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