New co-op concept

Hi all
I think i have new co-op concept and i want to see your opinions about it and see if the devs can share their opinions as well

1-First thing first (imagine dragons :wink: )
This coop is regultated monthly with multiple rewards staging (3-days event) or more

2- its a long mission (campaing like type) each mission conssist of multiple waves (above 3 waves )
And the missions differ in difficulty and rewards
And have 3-6 missions
Each mission has a completing rating between 1-5 stars and the rewards for each mission is given equally to the gained stars
The event played with the alliance players only

3- the main idea of this concept is that the missions can be played between (3-6) heroes and each hero is controlled by one player (match-making or invites or some kind of new system created to be suited to this coop ) (and No hero duplications)

4-this event is related to the monthly featured faction and can only be played with the faction hero or the faction heroes get bonus like bounty

5-ofcourse this concept need to design a special map to be played and with special obsticales and enemies

6-devs can make the hero only played once per mission then needs a revive like bounty

Thats the concept
I know it might needs a monthes of work but it will be a nice add to the game
Tell what do you think ?

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