Grogon wake coop

Please remove the gw from coops
Its very annoying boring and gives huge thumps down to the coop

The raid was very exciting at first
But after playing it countless times
It became boooooring
I even hate entering coop sector to play coops due to repeating
Not to mention the gw is filled with bugs
Change or add somthing new
And sorry

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We are looking into ways to keep co-op raids more exciting.

You said you enjoyed it at first, but now it’s become boring, is that because you’d played it so much and you wish for a fresh mission?

How do you feel about Assault on City Hall and Dojo?

What would make an exciting co-op raid for you?

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Id really like a hoarde mode, one of those stay alive for a certain period of time missions would be cool in coop but then again as a replacement for Gorgon Wakes would prob be a bad idea since time is usually a factor and if each one is guaranteed a certain amount of time to complete… then I think it would be annoying more more people. but idk

@Huginn, I’m not the person you replied to but I’ll weigh in.

The GW raid really feels like a daily chore more than anything, due in part to a few different factors. For one, it’s a co-op raid so you have to go through the hassle of finding a partner to trade with. You can skip this with auto-match obviously but then you’re cutting the amount of runs you can do.

The raid itself is pretty bland, probably because of how ridiculously easy it is and the fact that it’s basically just “Sit here and shoot the big guy for awhile until he dies”, which gets old really fast.

City Hall / Dojo are great because you feel like you’re actually playing the game and fighting enemies that can require some strategy. There’s no strategy at all for GW aside from “shoot this, then shoot that”. There’s no elemental push to focus on certain targets or really any decision making required at all.

Mostly though, it’s just that it’s been around for ages and you “have” to do 3-6 of them every day, which translates to just setting your phone down on auto-play for 15 minutes and try to remember to hit “accept invite” every once in awhile.


The fact that heroes decide to hit gorgon’s armor repeatedly while autoing, even if you mark the red core as target, doesnt help to make it less tedious :stuck_out_tongue:

Right on the money @Papa_Marsh

An individual’s days worth of Level 70+ Gorgon runs awards 9-12 bronze/silver/gold grenades and 6-9 platinum grenades. Double these numbers if you trade with somebody. May I suggest increasing the difficulty of the raid itself, similar to that of City Hall/Dojo and cutting the number of Gorgon raids we get per day from 3 to 1, and just reward the same amount of grenades in a lump sum from that one raid?

Also, receiving hero frags is a huge incentive to do City Hall/Dojo raids. I’ve suggested before that GW should give a percent chance to give hero frags, as I feel very unincentivized to even do Gorgon just because I already have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of the rewards that it gives…

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The raid it self
Not competitive and not strategic
Just shot the big guy in the face and collect the reward

1- the map : this factor is very important when i played dojo and city hall at first the hole thing was new
you feel like playing the game for the first time
The enemy distribution and power and the diversity in the enemies (but everything that last too long will become boring eventually so keep the map changing on monthly bases)

2- type of play : one mission and most of the time You wait in place for the enemy to come
. And the movement is restricted due to the small maps

3- is it possible to include campaign mode in coops?
Not long one, just a short story related to the original one to finish with your friend it would be very amusing

4- coops with one hero for each player
and coops with full five hero for each player in one massive large mission with very powerfull enemies

5- ester eggs to find !!is it possible also ?

its just ideas i wish to see in the game that make the game more fun in my opinion
I am not demanding ofcourse
In the end you are the ones working hard to impress us and you might have a better ideas for the game
So keep up the amzing work guys and thank you for the hard work

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Make it possible to quick win them. The only excitement for the missions comes from completing them the first time at the highest level after that it’s a chore. Unfortunately there are to many repetitive activities another example being gauntlet.

Its not possible to quick win a coop raid
But gauntlet need this featurew

TBH I think the 3x speed autoplay is great for Gauntlet. It’s fun to see your team work together for a change. It’s already too much quick win. My 2 cents.

The x3 does help, but it’s still taking 20~ minutes a day, together with gorgon, 6x 2 minutes, you lose 32 minutes a day with a thing you don’t like to do, I’d rather play a PvP match or something else not hero hunters related.

It does feel like a chore, the gauntlet hasn’t been a challenge as long as I remember playing this game

Also combined with the high number of events this game creates too many “obligations”. I know they are self imposed because I’m competitive, but this has driven me away from my last to games. I have to do this, now that, oh I forgot need the co-ops. The quick win is great for that once you naster something no need for endless grinding.