Ideas for fixing stale gameplay

Lets be honest - some of the main stay items in this game have gotten stale. Im mostly talking about the daily raid and co op style stuff. Some really have lost their purpose (looking at you Gorgon) while others need something to make them more fun and fresh. With that said, here are some ideas:

1 - Gorgon - since the changes to gear, this is beyond useless. If you are like everyone else in my alliance, you dont even run these unless you want to complete dailies or have to hunt for presents or pumpkins. When the gear was useful we all ran it. Simply put, Gorgon needs changes. Ideas:

Add better loot - lower canister drops and/or add knives and throwing stars. Also if you add knives and throwing stars, you can make other gold gear pop up more frequently in the other stores to increase purchasing there.

Add better currency rewards - If Gorgon had a chance for a gold drop (even like 10-30 gold), people would do it more often. If that doesnt seem fitting, give Gorgon a solid amount of bucks that it drops. Who doesnt need more bucks?

You could also change the difficulty or add another layer of Gorgon if you wanted to add some of these items. Either way, this needs new life

2 - Add another boss battle like Gorgon. After I saw the level with the twin jets, I assumed this would be an upcoming co op battle like Gorgon, but that still isnt the case. I know it was harder for sure, but as a co op like Gorgon with a higher difficulty setting and good alternate rewards this would be a nice fresh take on the boss co op theme. You can even use the bridge or football arena levels the jets show up on so you dont have to create a whole new board for it.

3 - A monthly themed co op. Like the solo raids we have for the event heroes where you can collect some frags for a given hero, we should have a themed co op mission. The most obvious would be a ‘boss battle’ against a hero (or group of heroes) from the specific faction for that month. For instance, this month is KLG Irregulars. What if we had a co op raid against Richter? You can even use his level where he drops in from the helicopter and beef him up. Rewards could be frags for a different hero than what we get in the solo raid or just loot/bucks. Controversly you could do a co op raid with the opposing faction of the given month. Since this month is KLG based, you could have a boss battle against a UAF hero(es) and have to use only KLG Irregular heroes.

These are just a few ideas to make the standard formula of the day to day less boring or at least more worth our time.


Maybe these new co-ops can be bounty-style: you and a partner have 3 heroes each as usual, and you have to take out the boss as well as the remaining hostiles before time runs out. The boss won’t have 20 million health or anything like that, more like anywhere between 100k and 1 million for all the difficulties.

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GW definitely needs tweaking, desperately.

Maybe another facet to PVP; 3v3 all player controlled heroes. Maybe make it Alliance based to emphasise the teamwork element. Some kind of in game chat or other mechanism to build strategy would be nice, too.

And since it’s just everywhere, and someone’s probably had this idea already, a 10 hero brawl for all

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I have a feeling they may do alliance brawls. I saw in another thread someone accidentally stumbled onto a funky page with the brawl stuff on it, but it disappeared when they went back. I assume they are testing it out. I have no idea how it would function and its likely just going to be each individual player against each other (5v5 or 3v3 with one player controlled hero each). But thats just my guess on it. Would be fun to see for sure.

Edit: here is the other post ‘mentioning’ alliance wars: Somebody Gotta Explain This

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