Could modifications for each of the Heroes' skills be implemented?

Here’s what I mean: whenever you level a skill to a certain level, you unlock a side-grade modification for that skill. The further you level the skill, the more modifications the skill can equip. Seeing as the level cap right now is level 75, a skill can have up to three mods, one mod unlocked per 25 levels.

A Hero should not need a mod for their skill to be effective - these would simply by side-grades that grant one small benefit to one area and one small punishment in another.

Let’s take Operator’s Bronze skill, Restoration:

Restoration Mods:

  • Extension (Skill Level 25): increases Elemental and Normal armor by x%. Extends Restoration’s duration by 4 seconds but slightly decreases heal-per-second by x%.
  • Jump (Skill Level 50): increases healing-per-second by x%. Allows Restoration to switch targets when the current target is fully healed but Marks this Hero, slightly increasing damage received by x% when the skill is active.
  • Package (Skill Level 75): instead of a beam, Restoration is given by a health pack thrown by this Hero. Any Allies inside a small area around the package receives the full benefits of Restoration. There is no limit to how many Allies the health pack can heal during its lifespan.

Of course, the sheer amount of Heroes and Skills to apply a modification tree will create a logistical nightmare. Should every mod have a unique name? Will the mods completely change a Hero’s role? Are mods going to create Heroes that are too similar to each other?

I can go on and create a full-on TED talk about this topic but I hope this made sense.

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We have a small version of this with skins already in the game. Legendary skins modify one of that heroes active skills to make it “better” then the base version. I think that’s probably as far as we would get in regards to skills being changed but I’d love to see something along the lines of what you suggested applied to heroes after Platinum 5.
If we don’t end up getting another grade after Platinum, I’d love to see some type of modification system where you can keep upgrading that hero to unlock more benefits such as they get bonus health or damage after a certain level or even increasing the effectiveness of some of their skills.

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Oof most of the examples sounds like other heroes skills, oof

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It ain’t a Yosai post without an “oof.” That said, it was on purpose. Just an example you see.