Has there ever been mention horizontal modification for heroes?

Hey all I was wondering if there was ever any talk about modifying characters so that you have decisions on how they perform, in that not every ones would be identical even if they were at the same level? Perhaps some sort of skill tree, ideally a simple one, but that offers a level of build diversity?

Currently we only have vertical modification, in that linearly improve the characters. I can understand that this would invite new avenues to make premium content, but maybe it could be handled differently?

I’m only a game consumer, not a designer, so maybe the level of balancing required to do this would be prohibitive, but I was think that even something as simple as a choice between two modifiers for each skill could add a lot of interesting build diversity?

Honestly maybe this would be a bad idea, in that the intended build diversity is at the level of team comp. What are your guy’s thoughts? Would this make things too convoluted or would it add to the game?

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