Idea for healer

I was thinking for the next medic hero they could have a secondary skill that gave health or armor and grant a frontline hero the ability to taunt. This would help make the heroes like vanguard and yanlong more useful.

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I like the idea as long as there is a good way for the AI to control taunt. I could see the AI just picking someone who is squishy and killing them instantly. But if it only picks frontline heroes or if their base health or armor exceeds a certain amount then it could be useful imo.

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To add to my concept how about this?

Bronze skill: Instantly heal % to lowest team member. If team member is under effect of silver skill then increase duration of silver skill by 5 sec and increase armor by 10% for the duration.

Silver skill: Empower hero for 15 seconds with the ability to taunt enemy and increase max health by 15% ( skill will target frontline heroes first and then hero with highest health/armor next)

Gold skill: passive increase armor by 5% to hero under effect of silver skill. Heroes under effect of silver skill will heal the healer for 15% of damage to enemy If healer is at full health then convert into a shield.

Platinum skill: heroes under the effect of silver skill get increased rate of fire by 25% and 50% reload speed for the duration.

Maybe give the healer a passive increase of health or critical chance?

My thinking is to make use of some of the frontline heroes that have no taunt or boost a hero’s when your tank goes down. I could see this hero being good for PvE and maybe PvP. I picked arbitrary numbers for skills since character would need to balanced. Do the developers ever use fans concepts?

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