Crate RNG: assistance needed

So this season I’ve opened 12 Phantasma feature crates and 12 Elixr feature crates, and still did not get these heroes. Of course, I get that sometimes I just won’t get these heroes. But I really want to get these next two heroes. So what are the best ways to guarantee the best results from a crate? I’ve found that I get better results opening all 10 crates at once then one at a time across a few days. Does anyone else have any pointers? (I would like to clarify that I’m not necessarily looking for exploits, just a better shot at getting the featured hero).
Also Should I be focusing gold on feature crates or step up crates? How many openings does it normally take to get a hero?
Any and all answers related to beating RNG would be greatly appreciated

Doing the macarena helps a bit with lowering the randomness factor by approximately 1.2%.


Always works for me​:relieved::wink:

Actually you really have to dedicate your life to the service of the all-mighty Godlante, then he grants you 2% better odds.

…or, if he’s displeased with you, then all you’ll get are Klayton dupes.

(Real answer: consider using Open 10; technically that won’t improve the RNG/odds, but it feels better opening up crates that way)

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If you’re using android device then I can give you some inside tips which can help you to unlock heros. Contact me on discord Doom#2136

RNG is an expression of the abstract concept of probability. There’s no way to “beat” it or manipulate it. Anyone saying otherwise is trying to dupe you.

Reminder: Discussing of exploits, whether they’re real or not, is against the forum rules. Jokes are fine. Telling people you have ways to guarantee Crate odds is implying you know an exploit.