How reliable are fragment crates?

Just looking at the UAF Airborne+Watch crates, and wondering if I should buy one. Keep in mind, only one. What are the odds I’ll get a new hero or be able to promote a different hero? (Let’s just assume they are 5*). Are the fragment crates worth the extra gold?

@Z0MB13BR3AD9218 contact me on discord (Doom#2136) or in game(Doom The Great ) if you play using android device. I’ll tell you few secrets about crates and which heros drops without actually using gold which can’t be shared here. After knowing the heros you can yourself decide whether or not to spend gold on any crate.

Sounds like you’re talking about sharing potential exploits (ones that don’t actually work, given the context of this conversation). Please re-read the forum rules.

They’re quite pricey but it depends on weather or not you need frags for those specific heroes for events or just those heroes in general but if you’re just going for one instead of the 10x crate I wouldn’t recommend it Since it’s a lower chance you’d get a hero you want. If you are a relatively new player I’d stick with the hero crates.

Hey munin these exploits exist and I’m not sharing them publically as you guys might take some action on my account on forum. Anyways nearly everyone in master bracket know about the exploits. I’m not the one that discovered it though. From getting back stamina if missions fail to getting back gold bars if you don’t unlock the heros to downgrading heros back to level 1 if they are not good. All of the above is possible and everyone do it. I’m happy to share the exploits and how they work to devs if you want to fix them in near future. Thanks for reading.

 -Doom The Great

You’re still talking about potential exploits on the forum. Stop. Final warning. Read the forum rules again before you post. Next violation is a suspension.