Critical Hit Team

I’ve unlocked Caine the past week (took me nearly 6 months, but yay!:blush:) and have buffed him to plat recently. With which, I got an idea to make a team of critical hit heroes. Anyone have any suggested heroes? I dont care if they’re not meta, as long as they can crit consistently or help with crits, they’re welcome.

  • Bolt plat gets faster reloads when he crits and with headshots he gets massive crits.
  • Clyde plat gets crit damage and chance with each hit. Gets juicy damage at 12x stacks.
  • Moss plat also boosts chance and heals when they get a crit.
  • Night gold stuns on a crit, and her silver boosts everyones crit chance.

The classic Halo, Savage, Caine, Ifrit and Mauler combo works well and it relies on crits.